Journal of Coating Science and Technology

Journal of Coatings Science and Technology (JCST), is an international journal specialized in materials and surface science, as well as applied physics. The journal aims to be a forum for the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge based on original research work among those linked to advanced coatings study, development and/or production, focused in different areas such as wear resistant coatings, corrosion protective coatings, optical protective coatings, films for biomedical and energy purposes, decorative coatings, and others, produced by advanced techniques such as PVD, CVD, thermal projection, and so on.

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Vol 5, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents


Solvent Vapor Induced Film Formation of PS/AgNPs Composites Using Spectroscopic Techniques
Can Akaoğlu, Şaziye Uğur 27-41
Reactively Magnetron Sputter-Deposited Ti (C,N) Nanocomposite Thin Films: Composition and Thermal Stability
Osama A. Fouad, Hong-Ying Lin, S. Ismat Shah 42-49
Polishing of Black and White CVD Grown Polycrystalline Diamond Coatings
Snigdha Roy, Vamsi K. Balla, Awadesh K. Mallik, Victor G. Ralchenko, Andrey P. Bolshakov, Eugene E. Ashkinazi 50-58
Review on Opacifying Polymeric Pigment: Reconceive Hiding
Siddhi Shah, Prakash A. Mahanwar 59-69

ISSN: 2369-3355