Journal of Cancer Research Updates | Volume 2 Number 2


Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 2, 2013

 * This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessAnticancer Activity of Oldenlandia Diffusa & Viola Philippica Car - Pages 87-94
Wen Deng, Bo Hu, Chun-Ling Dai, Yi-Jun Wang, Hai-Fan Chen, S. William Zito, Li-Wu Fu and Zhe-Sheng Chen

Potential Solutions in Radiation Hormesis - Pages 95-98
Masao Takatori, Makoto Yagi and Sadao Hattori

Open AccessLipid Profile in Oropharyngeal Cancers in Southern India - Pages 99-104
A. Anuradha, L.K. Veerathu, G. Sudhakar, S. Kolla, N. Sidhanathi, R. Kondreddy, S. Shakila and J.R. Peela

Ultrasound Guided FNAC for Evaluation of Neck Lumps to Improve Inadequacy Rates; A Complete Audit Cycle - Pages 105-109
Richard James Green, Nick Dawe, Debra Milne, Ursula Schierle and James W. Moor

The Many Aspects of Off-Label Prescribing in Oncology - Pages 110-115
Anna Gu and Albert I. Wertheimer

Dietary Ascorbic Acid-Mediated Augmentation of Antitumor Activity and Protection Against Toxicities Induced by Cis-Diamminedichloroplatinum-(II) in Dalton’s Lymphoma-Bearing Mice - Pages 116-130
Amenla, Akalesh Kumar Verma and Surya Bali Prasad

Skin Recurrence of a Phyllodes Tumor and Impact of Radiotherapy: A Case Report and Review of the Literature - Pages 131-134
Serap Yücel, Hüseyin Kadıoğlu, Zeynep Güral, Şeyma Yıldız and Zuhal Gücin

Open AccessHemangioendothelioma with a Prominent Lymphoid Infiltrate Mimicking Follicular Dendritic Cell Tumor: Report of a Case - Pages 135-139
Justin Kerstetter, Mia Perez, Craig Zuppan, Paul Herrmann, John R. Goldblum and Jun Wang

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