Journal of Cancer Research Updates

A Prospective Study on the Application of Endometrial Cytology Examination in the Screening of Endometrial Cancer
Pages 85-89
Zheng Fang, Du Lianfang, Xie Cuiqi, Shao Shaowei, Luo Qiaoming, Li Qiyan and Ma Ling


Published: 07 May 2015


Abstract: Background: Endometrial cancer is one of the most common gynecology malignancies. But there is still lack of an accurate, reliable, convenient, easy, economical and practical method for early detection of endometrial cancer and precancerous lesions. The aim of this study is to evaluate the specimen quality and diagnostic accuracy of endometrial cytology examination in the screening of endometrial cancer.

Methods: 95 patients with abnormal uterine bleeding or vaginal ultrasound examination results indicating intrauterine abnormalities and needing endometrial examination were investigated, and specimens were collected using endometrial sampling device for cytology (ESDC) and sliced using thinprep cytology test (TCT), meanwhile, hysteroscopy auxiliary diagnostic curettage and histopathological examination were performed.

Results: The satisfaction rate was 100% for the specimens collected using ESDC and 97.9% for those using diagnostic curettage. The difference in the satisfaction rate of collecting specimens was statistically significant between the two methods, and the satisfaction rate of collecting specimen using endometrial cytology was superior to that using diagnostic curettage. Taking diagnostic curettage histopathologic results as "gold standard", the sensitivity of endometrial cytology was 63.6%, specificity 93.6%, positive predictive value 70% and negative predictive value 95.2% in the screening of endometrial cancer.

Conclusion: Endometrial cytology can be used as a reliable, safe and simple method in the screening of endometrial cancer.

Keywords: Endometrial cytology, endometrial sampling device for cytology, endometrial cancer, thinprep cytology test.

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