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About a Rare Case of Low-Grade Chondrosarcoma of the Cranial Vault - Pages 35-40

Leonello Tacconi, Gennaro D’Acunzi, Camilla Russo, Andrea Manto, Ginevra F. D’Onofrio and Raffaele Fristachi


Published: 16 May2018

Abstract: Chondrosarcoma is a rare malignant tumour arising from the cartilage with a high variability in the clinical course and overall prognosis. 
This entity has, generally, a predilection for long bones of the limbs and pelvis and the location in the cranial bones is quite rare. We report a case of a 38 year male with a large and poorly symptomatic parafalcine chondrosarcoma of the cranial vault which was removed en bloc. The described location is extremely rare. Magnetic Resonance Imaging permitted to better delineate the lesion and plan the most appropriate therapeutic approach. Final diagnosis was based on histological examination, which confirmed the hypothesis of low-grade parafalcine chondrosarcoma. Even though surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for cerebral chondrosarcomas, adjuvant radiotherapy such as stereotactic, proton beam or carbon ion-beam therapy might be necessary in aggressive or incomplete removed cases. 

Keywords: Chondrosarcoma, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, skull base, malignant tumor, adjuvant radiotherapy.

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