benefits of dating a nerdy guy

benefits of dating a nerdy guy

Benefits of dating a nerdy guy

benefits of dating a nerdy guy

To say just that would be a definite understatement but that has been true ever since we began to evolve. Many researchers and historians also believe that this need of us to move around might have been one of the key features that initiated our evolution. Now whatever be the case, we sure know that this underlining need of ours has not changed over the years.

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If anything, we have only developed several convenient ways and methods to go about traveling and transporting at a much better and developed pace. We began exploring the globe on our feet. But the pace of our legs could not keep up with the pace of our imagination and our need to want to explore the remaining corners of the globe. To make this convenient we resorted to various animals to help us with the process. They carried our weights and belongings which made it much more convenient to freely move around.

benefits of dating a nerdy guy

We also tamed and trained them to carry us to places and obey our commands. Sure, this made it much easier for human travel but animals being animals could only go a certain distance in a certain timespan.

benefits of dating a nerdy guy

In the early stone age, the phenomenon of a log rolling down a hill slope inspired man to develop wheels that would in turn help with traveling. Wheels accelerated the travel of man. Now the animals too could simply pull the wheeled carts too much longer distances in the same period.

benefits of dating a nerdy guy

We continued to use our rapid imagination to develop various transportation facilities that moved us from one place to another in no time. We vent from traveling in horse-driven carts to steam-powered locomotives.

benefits of dating a nerdy guy

As time passed we also came up with fuel-powered and electric-powered modes of transport that were faster and more convenient than ever before. One can look up the various travel options in one place itself and take an informed and decision regarding the same. It also gives them various options for traveling that they would not have considered earlier.]

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benefits of dating a nerdy guy. Benefits of dating a nerdy guy

Benefits of dating a nerdy guy Video

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