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Pharaoh Setifearing that best first message on pof growing numbers of Hebrew slaves could lead to rebellion, orders a mass infanticide of all newborn Hebrew boys. Fearing for her newborn son's safety, Yocheved and her other two children, Miriam and Aaronrush to the Nile Riverwhere she places the infant in a basket on the water, after bidding him farewell with a final lullaby.

Miriam follows the basket as it sails to the Pharaoh 's palace and witnesses her baby brother safely adopted by Seti's wife, Queen Tuyawho names him Moses.

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Before leaving, Miriam prays that Moses will come back to them and set their people free. Years later, Moses and his adoptive brother Ramesesheir to the throne of Egypt best first message on pof, are scolded by Seti for accidentally destroying a temple during a chariot race.

After Moses suggests that Rameses be given the opportunity to prove his responsibility, Seti names Rameses Prince Regent and gives him authority over Egypt's temples.

An Epic Tournament

As a tribute, high priests Hotep and Huy offer Rameses a beautiful but rebellious young Midianite woman, Tzipporah. Rameses, uninterested in her stubbornness, gives Tzipporah to Moses instead and appoints him Royal Chief Architect. During the banquet, Moses humiliates Tzipporah by letting her fall into a pond after she refuses to submit, appeasing the crowd but disappointing Tuya.

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Later that night, Moses follows Tzipporah as she escapes from the palace, and runs into the now-adult Miriam and Aaron, whom he does not recognize. He refuses to believe their claims and opts to have them arrested until Miriam sings their mother's lullaby, triggering Moses's memory.

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He flees in denial, but learns the truth of Seti's genocide from a nightmare, then from Seti himself, who disturbs Moses by claiming the Hebrews were "only slaves". The next day, Moses tries to stop an Egyptian slave driver from flogging an elderly Hebrew slave, accidentally pushing the guard to his death.

best first message on pof

Horrified and ashamed, Moses flees into the desert in exile, despite Rameses's pleas that he stay. Arriving at an oasis, Moses defends three young girls from brigandsonly to find out their older sister is Tzipporah. Moses is welcomed by JethroTzipporah's father and the high priest of Midian.

best first message on pof

Over time, Moses becomes a shepherd, falls in love with Tzipporah, marries her, and grows adjusted to life in Midian.]

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