date mike prison mike

date mike prison mike

Date mike prison mike

date mike prison mike
date mike prison mike

Episode Duration On December 27,North Carolina resident Gilbert Poole was arrested and charged with the murder of a Michigan man he had never met. Due to faulty evidence, inaccurate eyewitness testimony, and inept defense counsel, he would ultimately be wrongfully convicted of murder and spend the next 32 years of his life in prison.

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After independently maintaining his innocence for the first 14 years of his incarceration, Mr. In this stunning and heartbreaking episode of Here Mike, Mr. Poole reflects on the profound personal losses he experienced because of his wrongful conviction, the little-known, harsh realities of the American criminal justice date mike prison mike, and how he intends to spend his remaining years as a free man. We interviewed your attorney, Marla Mitchell-Cichon a few weeks ago and then you sent me a really nice email… tell our listeners and viewers what you thought of that interview and why you wanted to come on the show! What were some of the things that happened to your family while you were incarcerated that you can never get back?

date mike prison mike

What were you up to at that point in your life? Were you living together at the time? Did it look like you?

date mike prison mike

Or even been to that bar before? Prosecutors still try to bring it into trials, based on bad laws. What were they supposed to do other than believe it? Did she even know about it, or did she make it when she was talking to the police and falsely claimed you had previously killed?

date mike prison mike

Were those tested?]

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Date mike prison mike



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Date mike prison mike



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