dating my neighbor

dating my neighbor

Dating my neighbor

dating my neighbor

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We've been married 10 years, and overall have a very healthy, happy marriage. We moved to a new town dating my neighbor 4 months ago into a very nice, quiet neighborhood. Most of our neighbors are older 60's or olderbut we were excited that there was another family about the same age with a few kids two doors down.

We've hung out with them a few times now, and we were actually hitting it off. The kids really get along great as well. One thing that gave us an "eyebrow raise" was in the first month of knowing them, my wife let me know that the guy texted see more a few times about seemingly harmless things. Glad the kids had fun together, glad they had another family their age around, etc On its surface, nothing bad, but just strange because he had my number, and the wife had hers. We agreed to keep an eye on it but we gave him the benefit of the doubt as long as he didn't cross dating my neighbor line into being inappropriate or start texting her all the time. For a few months, everything was fine and we hung out with them quite a few times.

dating my neighbor

Fast forward to this weekend - he texted her to say something to the effect of, "hey, was that a babysitter walking the kids just now"? She confirmed that no, it was her.

She dating my neighbor something was coming because she was dressed the exact same as she dresses every day of her life A few minutes later, the text comes in "Well I guess I should take back what I was thinking about the babysitter being super hot She then let me know what was said, and I called the guy and also said to never say anything like that to my wife again. He fell over dating my neighbor apologizing, still trying to claim he "thought she was a babysitter". That's even creepier than hitting on my wife So our first impression was, both of us called him out, we don't really worry about him trying again after crashing, burning, and looking like an ass. That said, we don't really have a desire to hang out with this guy anymore. His wife, who's very nice dating people with was building a friendship with my wife, is continuing to reach out to her and talk about getting together as families, talk about a multi-family trip we were gonna take, etc.

We were originally not going to say anything to his wife, but now that my wife doesn't feel comfortable we're going to be permanently making awkward excuses not to hang out with them, until it eventually becomes so awkward that they stop trying.

Also, his wife in this scenario is going to be the only one that doesn't know why things are so awkward, and we don't think it's fair that she has to wonder if she did anything dating my neighbor. Not to mention, would she want to know her husband is being a sleezebag?

dating my neighbor

What's everyone think? Should my wife tell her? I really don't see us continuing to pretend like we can have a non-awkward family friendship with these folks.

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Really appreciate any feedback here! You just re-affirmed my faith in humanity!

dating my neighbor

The moment this guy started texting your wife, it raised a "yellow alert" in her eyes. She has enough integrity and respect for you and the marriage that she didn't think, "Oh, I can handle it. No need to bother broowhi about it!

She dating my neighbor you about the texts and you agreed together to keep an eye on the situation. You didn't come unglued.

dating my neighbor

You remained calm, and together again you both decided to monitor the situation. Kudos to you both! Once he became inappropriate, she immediately shot him down, and immediately told you about it. You then call this guy out on his b.]

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Dating my neighbor



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