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Full text not available from this repository. Earlier studies suggested brecciation and mineralization occurred within a magmatically-driven hydrothermal system at 1.

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In contrast, recent radiometric dating of the breccia complex indicates a prolonged, multi-stage history of brecciation and mineralization from 1. Ca-Fe-Mg-Mn-carbonate gangue minerals are associated with ore minerals at virtually every stage of mineralization.

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In a companion study Apukhtina et al. Here we report Sm-Nd, Pb-Pb and Lu-Hf isotope ages for these carbonates, which are used to examine the chronology of carbonate deposition.

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Initial Sr-Nd isotopic compositions are used to place constraints on fluid sources. Likewise, locally abundant laminated siderites have Sm-Nd ages in this age interval.

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A world-first attempt to apply Lu-Hf dating to carbonate gangue in an ore deposit yields signs of a fake online dating profile that are 70— Ma younger than corresponding Sm-Nd ages, presumably reflecting isotopic exchange of carbonate Lu-Hf isotope systems with host rocks. Sm-Nd ages for carbonates assigned to other carbonate associations hosted in highly altered inferred 1. Inferred carbonate ages are broadly consistent with source dates for other hydrothermal minerals e.

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They suggest that mineralization initiated at 1. Carbonate-bearing fluids appear to have sourced Nd and most likely also Sr locally, within the host granite and breccia, with contributions from mafic rocks. The emerging evidence for protracted, multi-stage mineralization implies that single-stage models for Olympic Dam need to be revisited and that all studies of sulfide and gangue minerals in this deposit require careful radiometric dating. We speculate that the polymetallic nature lu hf dating unusually large metal reserves of the Olympic Dam mineralization are related to its multi-stage formation history.]

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In order to understand the mechanisms that led the formation of these Au deposits, we make detailed reviews on the geological characteristics of these Au deposits. Our data suggests that the Huashan ore-related intrusions were emplaced during the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous periods — Ma. They are characterized by arc-magma features and high oxygen fugacity and are rich in inherited zircons. Zircon U—Pb ages and Lu—Hf isotopes from intrusions suggest that Proterozoic juvenile lithosphere is the main source of these intrusions. The regional geological history implies that lithosphere beneath southern Anhui was produced during a Proterozoic subduction and was fertilized with Au Cu in the process. Integrated with the results of previous studies, we inferred that Late Mesozoic intrusions formed by the remelting of the lithosphere could provide the metal endowment for the Au-rich deposits in southern Anhui. Lu hf dating signs of a fake online dating profile.



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