lucky dates for leo

lucky dates for leo

Lucky dates for leo

lucky dates for leo

Originally Published: Dec. Thankfully, 's cosmic forecast looks less rocky — and a new year also means we have a whole new batch of lucky days in astrology to look forward to. While some planetary aspects have the power to sprinkle magic over everyone's day, there are always going to be especially auspicious moments that affect certain people more than others.

lucky dates for leo

So when you find out the luckiest day of for your zodiac signyou'll want to mark your calendar. While there are still some tough ongoing planetary battles going down throughthere's some luck on lucky dates for leo side. We can look forward to fewer retrogrades inas well as a fortunate conjunction between love planet Venus and passion planet Mars that only happens every two years. When thinking about luck in astrology in general, it's important to look to the two planets known as the benefic planets in astrologywhich are Venus and Jupiter.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

The term "benefic" refers to the planets' reputations as being generally positive and bringing a beneficial influence to a horoscope. Venus, known as the "lesser benefic," is the planet of love, luxury, and pleasure — so positive Venus aspects often indicate highly enjoyable, sensual, or fortunate experiences. Jupiter is known as the "greater benefic," because this is the planet of good luck itself. Jupiter rules over good fortune, big opportunities, high aspirations, and bountiful abundance — and it brings a positive outlook and sense of optimism to almost everything it touches. What will dating experience singapore do on the luckiest day of for your zodiac sign? Read on to see what kind of magic the planets have in store for you next year and start planning your lucky-day party.

Inthis auspicious conjunction is taking place in your sign, Aries, which is bestowing you with the luck of love and making your birthday season extra special. Expect to feel lucky dates for leo in your stomach, in a good way. In January, a square val dancing with the stars dating 2015 between Uranus and lucky planet Jupiter could kick-start something new and exciting in your professional life.

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While these sudden shake-ups could be overwhelming for some, your patient nature ensures you're able take advantage of all its blessings. What's more is that an energizing square between Mars and Jupiter that same week boosts your motivation and ambition even further. On May 31, in the middle of Gemini season, the North Node with form a conjunction aspect with your sun sign, bringing loads of luck and magic.

lucky dates for leo

Be ready to embrace your star qualities and take steps toward your destiny, because good fortune will be on your side today. Trines are the most harmonious astrological aspects of them all, and lucky Jupiter is super comfortable in Pisces as it rules over this dreamy water sign in traditional astrology.

lucky dates for leo

This alignment will bring you optimism, generosity, and good fortune. A second trine on the same day between dreamy Neptune and lovely Venus who is also in your sign on this date, lighting up your sign with romance will sprinkle fairy dust over lucky dates for leo life and help to activate your most pleasurable fantasies. This rare and lucky aspect launches you into a new relationship cycle that can bring much-welcome fresh energy to your love life and re-invigorate your creativity when it comes to passion projects. You'll be bursting with inspiratio and romance, making life feel super exciting and ensuring that pleasure and romance are waiting for you around every corner. Take advantage of this creative boost as you usher in a new cycle.

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This energy will peak on July 12 when your ruling planet Mercury will form a harmonious trine aspect with Jupiter in Pisces, bringing clarity, open-mindedness, and depth to your communication within partnerships. The two benefic planets are aligning in your favor today, boosting your pleasure to new heights and bringing you a love-story-esque romance of epic proportions.

And with lucky Jupiter in your house of dating and creativity, you'll be capable of succeeding at anything that brings you joy today. This potent alignment during your birthday season helps you mesh your shadow side with your external self, making it possible to turn your pain into rich lucky dates for leo that can transform you. An added boost of energy comes from fiery Mars in your sign, which is forming another harmonious sextile with love planet Venus.

lucky dates for leo

This flirty aspect will bring an added dose of both passion and pleasure to your endeavors today, making it a perfect day to chase after any and all of your personal goals. On May 21, just a week after Jupiter's lucky move in your chart, you'll have a boost of energy to your love life, as the creative sun, romantic Venus, and communication-focused Mercury will cluster together in your house of partnerships.]

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Lucky dates for leo



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