smite matchmaking is bad

smite matchmaking is bad

Smite matchmaking is bad

smite matchmaking is bad

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You are speaking on one that is working in the correct way. And because at a time we could see those said numbers people knew how those systems worked.

smite matchmaking is bad

link So Quick example. Lets say at any given rank we have three pools. Pool 1: Players who have had enough games in that rank for the system to believe it has found their ranks.

Pool 2: Players it is unsure of and think that they may be above their projected rank.

Why does everyone think Wild Rift Matchmaking is bad? How...

Pool 3: Players it is unsure of and think that they may be below their projected rank. Which means it will constantly retest the player s to ensure they should be in a division or rank higher than their current location. So we will use a system that has 5 divisions in a rank and start at a player who is over performing at the bottom. Said player is gold 5.

smite matchmaking is bad

They have won 6 games straight. The system will retest them against players that are Gold 2 or above.

smite matchmaking is bad

That part you nailed. If they win those two the system will put them smite matchmaking is bad against players lower to their total ELO to ensure they win to be pushed out of that division. If it keeps happening the system should retest and continue to do this over and over until about plat 1. Now for Wild rift I don't believe this is the case. Now dating website come back to another game Smite we could see the casual ELO for players through sites for a time. And you could just traditionally raise your ELO by playing. There were loser queue ONLY in casuals to keep you at that Not in ranked.

Is Smite / Teleport a bad idea when playing jungle?

Meaning you can play more and the system will rank you up and it's less based on skill. Now everything else player ability, mechanics, champ pick, etc. You are right the system can't really equate for that.

smite matchmaking is bad

This isn't the systems job.]

Smite matchmaking is bad - apologise

Me personaly whenever i saw enemy jungler without flash i as a former main midlaner for like 6 years straight had no problems dealing with his ignite or tp. Ignite means play safe early game and TP means counter jungle him and make him regret not taking flash. And if dude is asking for a normal game? Damn who tf cares about normal you can play whatever you want there as long as you have fun, but on ranked youd probably make your teammates regret turning PC on "it was only usefull for me personaly after noctrune nerf almost decade ago" now i might be drunk or stupid but i remember his ult being at least x3 size so you could be at bot and use it on top, after that was removed i used TP for short period of time, but in that time since diamondprox former moscow five team aka gambit gaming now made counter jungle people started to do that and it was pointless to use TP since youd need to escape with flash. smite matchmaking is bad. Smite matchmaking is bad

Smite matchmaking is bad - think, that

I have played plenty of other mobas and comp games and no where do they come close to this horrid level of matchmaking. This game will not ever get a big update ever again i can imagine and if it did I doubt it was for goodwill, it was more or less to sell more skins to idiots who are willing to pay s for an overpriced glorified turd. I been keeping track of smitegame twitter, they just lost 10k more followers so if that isn't evidence of people sick of trashrez's crap I don't know what is. Yep I can see and agree with both of these completely. Sadly the shills will justify it all day long until the company goes under and aren't able to be kept afloat by selling overpriced skins and portraits. Seen this happen all too often lately with game companies. All about greed and not the player base or community. Last edited by Kevin ; 24 Aug am.

Someone: Smite matchmaking is bad

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