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the hook up book read online

The hook up book read online

the hook up book read online

It shattered into a thousand pieces. I picked up a crystal tumbler next and smashed it against the wall. I was about to reply that Virgie had proven useless when a knock sounded on the door.

Journal: Stories from the Klean Community

It was a guard, one holding a leather bag, and I knew King Peter had sent him, probably to a spot just outside the Winter Palace. Release him. The Summer fae bowed low. He was a guard with a brown and green uniform. It is in this bag. My heart sank, and I nodded for one of my soldiers to retrieve it.

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The desire to keep the Summer fae here and torture him after watching the horror King Peter wanted to send me was tempting, but Lily and Blair were right. I motioned for the guards to leave as I placed the bag on my lap, then pulled out a golden ball the size of an orange. I sank into a chair, Blair and Lily flanking me while Sela stood behind me. Taking a deep breath, I tossed the golden ball up in the air, ready to witness my worst nightmare.

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An image that looked like a hologram exploded before me, blocking most of the sitting room from view. And there he was.

the hook up book read online

My Thorsten. Bound with vines to a tree. Blood trickled down from his ankles, wrists, throat, and mouth where the thorny vines cut into his flesh. His jacket and shirt had been removed, exposing his perfect torso. The lights in the throne room flickered out as the room grew light with the first rays of the dawn.

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The vine that had clamped his mouth shut fell away to allow the pure scream of agony to erupt from his throat. Another ray hit him as my insides twisted. His flesh reddened, then slowly morphed into black. A horrific sizzling noise filtered through the image. Thorsten threw his head back, unable to contain the screams.

the hook up book read online

I trembled as Sela and Blair seized my shoulders, holding me to the chair so I wouldn't throw myself to the floor. His skin was charred, his eyes rolled back into his head. He was unconscious. It zipped back to King Peter. The golden recording ball, which King Peter said would give Onyx a live feed of the horror, zipped back to his open palm.

the hook up book read online

Thorsten groaned as the two guards dragged him into the shade, not to shield him from the sun, but to take him back to the dirt bed in the center of the room. King Peter was going to— Peony swayed on her feet, and Caleb grabbed her hand. King Peter wanted her to know that she was useless. Thorsten flopped to the dirt bed as the king opened his the hook up book read online again, letting another vine shoot from his palm.

It wrapped around Thorsten, encasing him in a green cocoon and forcing him to his feet. He screamed as the vine lashed against his raw flesh.]

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