how to hook up a capacitor on ac unit

how to hook up a capacitor on ac unit

How to hook up a capacitor on ac unit

how to hook up a capacitor on ac unit
how to hook up a capacitor on ac unit

Camera Mounting strap An air conditioner capacitor is an important electrical device that can cause serious system problems if it malfunctions. It is one of the most frequent causes of a problematic motor, fan, or unit as a whole, and, for this reason, knowing how to replace it yourself can save you from weeks without central air. The actual maintenance procedure is not very difficult to perform but requires careful attention and good manual skills.

how to hook up a capacitor on ac unit

Here are the steps you need for a successful job. Step 1 - Learn About Local Regulations Get yourself well acquainted with the local health and safety regulations on the repair and maintenance of electric devices.

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Remember that working with electricity is a hazardous and potentially life-threatening job. Step 2 - Switch Power Off Put on your protective gear and find the breaker that powers the condenser outside. Switch this off, and then run a quick check with a voltage tester to make sure there is no power still flowing.

how to hook up a capacitor on ac unit

Step 3 - Open Access Panel Locate the access panel of the condenser it usually has a label with an electrical warning on it and open it by loosening the screws. Step 4 - Purchase New Capacitor Locate the capacitor just inside this panel. Typically, it is shaped like a can and should have a sticker on it. Write down its technical data load voltage, capacitance, tolerance, etc. Do not worry if the new device is of a slightly different shape or size, as this will not affect any of its operational functions.

With reversed polarity) hook up capacitor backwards

The important thing is that the new capacitor has the same performance properties. Step 5 - Look at the Old Capacitor Take a careful look at how the old capacitor is connected to the wires and either write down the connections or take a photo of it. You will want to hook up the leading sites capacitor in exactly the same way. By the way, if you have some background in electricity, you can also use the connection diagram which should be available on the inner side of the access panel.

Step 6 - Discharge the Capacitor Take a screwdriver with an insulated handle and touch the metal end across the two terminals that stick out of the capacitor.

how to hook up a capacitor on ac unit

This should discharge any energy remaining, making this part safe to handle and remove. Step 7 - Connect the New Capacitor Disconnect all wires from the old and attach them at their respective places on the new one. You can also carry out this step a wire at a time; disconnect each from the original air capacitor and fit it into the same place on the new device before you proceed with the next.

Once the wires are all connected, mount the new capacitor in place.]

How to hook up a capacitor on ac unit - opinion useful

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How to hook up a capacitor on ac unit



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How to hook up a capacitor on ac unit



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How to hook up a capacitor on ac unit



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