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He talked about the importance of River Ganga being the largest river basin in India and have recognition of being an international basin.

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The large section of the Indian population is living in the River Ganga Basin and directly connects with human life in india mingle2 ways. He said that the different challenges experienced in the river basin are multi-faceted as it covers issues related to ecology, environment, economy, food security and so on.

india mingle2

The plan covers the issue of pollution and suggested solutions with focus on retaining the water quality and quantity. The other challenges related to Environmental flow, wetland conservation and development, wildlife protection and so on are key elements covered under the GRBMP and are being implemented by NMCG in a sustainable manner by involvement on Public-Private Partnerships. In his concluding remarks, he focused india mingle2 the importance of stakeholder engagement including fisheries, agriculture, forestry, and others with aim of successful india mingle2 of IRBM in Ganga River Basin.

india mingle2

He said we need to learn from international experiences and understand the characteristics and challenges. To solve this multi-faceted problem a collaborative approach is required where both federal and local need to be collaborated.

india mingle2

She explained that to address the complexity of river basin system we need holistic approach integrating different tools and governance approaches. She said that the EU Water Framework has been implemented since and around River Basin Management Plans have india mingle2 drafted and implemented in this region.

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India mingle2 major key points to consider were explained by Ms. Birgit Vogel which include basin wide scale assessment comprising what it contains, risk management more info as basic tool, river basin committee for monitoring purposes, focus on key issues to prioritise in the basin such as pollution, quantity and quality of water, hydrological management, sand mining and so on, need to set clear objectives, with risk management measures can be developed.

She concluded with remarks on focusing on stakeholder engagement and communication with all the relevant stakeholders. He started by explaining that Ramganga is the key tributary of river Ganga and most of the water is utilized for agriculture purposes.

Hence the restoring of flows was conceptualized as major intervention with india mingle2 engagement in Karula region within Ramganga basin. The key take-away points mentioned by him involve integration with allied departments such as india mingle2, forestry and other; collaboration with farmers and youth and conducting awareness around water solutions and impact assessment through youth and community participation.]

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