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Stablecoins seek to provide the best of worlds: the stability of a traditional government-backed currency as well as the privacy and convenience offered seeking arrangements forum crypto transactions. They are often marketed towards investors who may not have the stomach for the volatility associated with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptos — which have been known to see-saw widely in value on a day-to-day basis.

seeking arrangements forum

He added that in July, nearly three-quarters of trading on all crypto trading platforms occurred between a stablecoin and some other token. Even social media behemoth Facebook is trying to get in on the action, seeking to launch a stablecoin-like project of its own of its own after its seeking arrangements forum Libra cryptocurrency efforts fizzled.

seeking arrangements forum

What are stablecoins? Stablecoins are essentially cryptocurrencies that are backed by a reserve asset — usually a traditional currency such as the U. The seeking arrangements forum of stablecoins are therefore supposed to be less volatile than other digital currencies, because they are pegged directly to a fixed, non-virtual currency. Pegging cryptocurrencies to a fixed exchange rate relative to the U. Segram noted that one of the most popular stablecoins out there is Tether, which claims to be backed one-to-one to the U.

Despite assurances of cash reserves, there is a risk that some stablecoins might operate under the assumption that the likelihood of having to liquidate all at once is slim if confidence remains high. Gensler said he looks forward seeking arrangements forum working with regulators and lawmakers on these matters.

Despite the risks, Segram sees cryptocurrencies as the future, which may be in part why regulators are raising alarm bells and why there is so much discussion over a potential central bank digital currency.

seeking arrangements forum

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