wot special matchmaking tanks

wot special matchmaking tanks

Wot special matchmaking tanks

wot special matchmaking tanks
wot special matchmaking tanks

This is suggesting to my non analytical approach that as the source hardware, and player ME remain constant, then there must be an alternative reason - and this remains therefore to be WG themselves. Not being someone expert using analytical software etc I have been following your calculations and others intensely.

wot special matchmaking tanks

Not as you have recently seen as a fixed modification for special game modesor as a fix to the Annihilator problem, which is a standard change to the game make up - similar to the B2 being top tier all the time. The same happens to me.

wot special matchmaking tanks

In all cases wot special matchmaking tanks with hundreds of games in Regular Battles. And when I play with my wife account because she may not have time to source missions or whatever, I play with Emil I and I'm almost certain to win. I can imagine some reasons for this. Maybe by making hard for some players to win in some tanks, they use others and bring tank variety to the game?

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And in the last couple of days I even have a more blatant example with U-Panzer. Now with 99 battles it has dropped to 4th place in stats because I'm trying everything and anything to see if I can make more of a difference but without success. Sorry, but MM may be random but it's "random" between certain defined parameters, and these parameters serve some purpose for WG. Profit, variety of tanks in battle, etc.]

Wot special matchmaking tanks - join. happens

To become 1 in the Arms Race and come out on top, you need to be properly prepared and equipped. Now, your tools are ready, Commander. This vehicle is a real embodiment of medium tank gameplay. Choose between using its mobility to ambush your opponents or its sturdy frontal turret armor to engage in hull-down tactics whenever you need it. You can even combine both! Keep the pressure on your enemies with its accurate gun. Use its excellent acceleration and maneuverability to dodge and flank.

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BEST ONLINE DATING SITES FOR 30S 2 days ago · Описание ELC EVEN MASTERPIECE - World of Tanks. Коментарии ELC EVEN MASTERPIECE - World of Tanks. awesomebrLucky with some bouncesbrbut besides great spotting the clever attacking (one Shot enemies) has to be emphazised brMost of my shots would have missed or bounced Comment from: H K. Jul 22,  · Another thing to consider is special matchmaking. With normal MM you can still face tanks two tiers above your own. The T14 (and churchill too, altho im not % sure) gets special matchmaking meaning, it will never see a match with tanks 2 tiers above its own and will only fight against tier 6 as the highest tier tanks. 3 days ago · Supertest: TS-5 American Tank Destroyer 3 years ago Harkonnen World of Tanks players have been asking for a decent Premium American tank destroyer for years, today we get closer.
Wot special matchmaking tanks wot special matchmaking tanks



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Wot special matchmaking tanks



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