celebrity matchmaker quiz

celebrity matchmaker quiz

Celebrity matchmaker quiz

celebrity matchmaker quiz
celebrity matchmaker quiz

What talent would you want your dream guy to have? A good actor, and musician instrumentally. Not a very good singer.

celebrity matchmaker quiz

Good at being a girl. Good at being cute.

Where is your dream guy from?

Good at charming girls, like me. Good at…nothing really. Good at being sexy! What is your ideal dream date?

1. ‘Main Hoon Naa’

A nice walk on the beach. An evening at a restaurant or an ice skating rink. Spending time being chased by little girls and pedophiles.

celebrity matchmaker quiz

Making out at his place. At a movie premiere, by his side. Question of How would you want your dream guy to ask you out? Walk to your lunch table or into your office and confront you. Try to be all cool and collected, but then celebrity matchmaker quiz gets to the point and asks you if you wanna go somewhere. Sonny with a Chance and 17 Again. Twilight and Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Remember Me. Jack and Bobby and to Yuma.

celebrity matchmaker quiz

None of these. Question of Which one of these random letter arrangements stands out the most to you? Yes, this question is psychologically related to the quiz. Rerotb Tistnnopa.]

Celebrity matchmaker quiz - mine

Randy Lawson, Quizmaster A millennial on a musical mission, Randy grew up listening to more than his share of music videos. With his techie instincts, he even developed a few music videos with friends who created a band in his family's garage. Those who like everything from rap and hip-hop to electronic dance music will enjoy his trivia on some of the most popular tunes today. Whether he's testing your knowledge of an early rap artist or challenging you to answer about techno or dubstep, his lineup of questions will have you dancing all over the floor. Oh, be prepared for an occasional reggae question as well! celebrity matchmaker quiz.

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Celebrity matchmaker quiz



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Celebrity matchmaker quiz



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Celebrity matchmaker quiz



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