just victoria dating

just victoria dating

Just victoria dating

just victoria dating

Tammy first accused Victoria P. After Tammy and Kelsey confronted Victoria P. Both Kelsey and Demi took notice of the turn of events and began to court James for his rose, leading to tension.

Victoria P. exposed

It comes after Victoria P went home when James found out that she was seeing someone outside the show. Of course I feel like an idiot.

just victoria dating

It came after Serena told the camera that Aaron was the one she had wanted from the beginning, even after he had already been seen talking with Tammy. Of course they knew.

just victoria dating

As the two walked on the beach hand in hand, Demi watched jealously. I hate this. The two discussed racial tensions they had come across in their respective seasons and how they dealt with racism from fans.

just victoria dating

During her BiP premiere, Burnett came out as bisexual on national television.]

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More Articles August 24, There are a few hard and fast rules when it comes to Bachelor in Paradise. The main one is that you either have to couple up or go home. There are other little rules about only going on dates when you get a date card or are invited and things like that. But, there is one huge unspoken rule that can get the contestants in hot water with other people on the beach if broken. Two cast members just broke that rule. When contestants come on Bachelor in Paradise, they are supposed to be open to the possibility of finding love and that means being untethered by relationships at home. Whenever the cast finds out about people on the show who have relationships of some sort back home, drama ensues. Victoria P. Before the ceremony, Tammy Ly felt like she had to tell James the truth.

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just victoria dating



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