matchmaking in hindi language

matchmaking in hindi language

Matchmaking in hindi language

matchmaking in hindi language

Master the 60 different level and various bonus maps in the single player campaign. Unlock new levels by beating the clock or play in 'chill mode' without any pressure: no timer, no score just happy tile hunting but also no level unlocking.

matchmaking in hindi language

The tiles will disappear when you can 'connect' them with a line, which has two or less corners right angles in it and no other part is blocking the way. Advance to the next level by clearing the board.


If you run out of time before you finish a map, you lose. A map can contain tiles in up to 3 layers. You might combine tiles of different layers. If you pick one tile from the top layer and one from the bottom layer, only tiles on the top layer block the way.

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In general: if you pick items from different layers, the upper most selected items layer is used for the search algorithm. Sounds difficult but if you give it a try, you will figure in no time So the fastest pick is not always the best. Bonus Level Every 3rd level you play is a bonus level.

matchmaking in hindi language

There are three different types of bonus level: 1. You start with 4 tiles and have to fill up the map. Every time you remove a pair, 4 new tiles will appear.

matchmaking in hindi language

Two visible tiles swap its places quickly for several times. Spot the last position. Classic 'find a matching pair' on the turned deck. If you manage to complete a bonus level, you receive a point bonus. If the time runs out, you advance to the next level.]

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Matchmaking in hindi language



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Matchmaking in hindi language



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