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The studio also unveiled a brand-new Forza Horizon 5-themed Xbox Wireless controller.

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Catch the unveiling and the classy peripheral above. Forza Horizon 4 players may remember its intro where the changing seasons mechanic was highlighted using a short sprint, which doubled as a tutorial, while switching pof forums login various vehicles, including that game's cover car the McLaren Senna. As fans can see from the above video, the new in-game opening sequence is going above and beyond trying to top the series' previous ones.

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The various landscapes of Mexico that players will be racing in are what's being highlighted here, with the cars being airdropped out of cargo planes onto vistas like onto the top of an active volcano and dense jungles. The sequence concludes with a flat-out race against a plane in true Forza Horizon fashion. As revealed previously, seasons are still a thing in this entry too, but now, dynamic events like dust storms and tropical storms are entering the fray. The Horizon team had visited Mexico and pof forums login with local experts to map out an accurate representation of the country.

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There are even different types of mud that will deform in their own way when driving through them. Fans may also remember the battle royale Eliminator mode that landed at Forza Horizon 4 via a post-launch update over a year after its launch.

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It is returning in this entry as well, as one of the click available launch modes. According to the developer, Eliminator was kept in mind when the environments were being built, allowing for a more integrated experience. Like before, Turn10 Studios has worked closely with Pof forums login when making this title, and new technologies being used here should surface on the upcoming next-gen Forza Motorsport as well.

pof forums login

Xbox Game Pass subscribers are also gaining access on day one. Meanwhile, Premium edition owners will be getting into the action four days early on November 5.]

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