so suave dating sites

so suave dating sites

So suave dating sites

so suave dating sites

For the new readers here: Go through the "Old Forum" on this topic American women are so nasty, fat, saggy, obese, not taking care of themselves American men make them so.

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The bad attitude, the lack of taking care of oneself, the "endowment mentality" does not exist in vacumn. It is through ages of reinforcement, encouragement, pampering, from girlhood to womanhood.

so suave dating sites

Everytime you take a fat woman out, everytime you let your woman cheat your money, everytime you wine and dine a woman and did not get laid, everytime you pamper her without a reward of love So, guys, blame yourself, not the women. A lot of it can be attributed to the guy attempting to show interest without trying to be an uncouth beast.

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HE plays by rules that do not try to create an unfair advantage as women do NOT SO! American Women have a different agenda and will use a man without so much as blinking an eye. All this occurs while the man thinks he is building a rapport between them. I have NEVER ONCE known a woman through MY experiences or those of others I've talked to so suave dating sites has had the class to tell a guy up front that she is not intetested in a manner that would set her apart class from other women. Instead, she will willingly mislead the guy into believing that there is the hint of a spark while go here encourages him to waste time and money on a classless sow.

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In my travels overseas, I more often than not, have come across women who are textbook examples of class. They don't act like leeches in search of a guy to bleed dry.

so suave dating sites

American women are an overhyped, overvalued, underperforming, tired product that are outclassed every day of the year by women from other shores. The cunts from Heartlessbitches.

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Problem is, most of us i. Both are genuinely nice honorable gentlemen but they have no clue when it comes to dealing with women. All along, they told me "how proud they are that in America, women are treated equal and fair. Do you call this equal and fair?

so suave dating sites

So, American guys have no clue and they are doomed before the game even begins.]

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. so suave dating sites. So suave dating sites

Apologise, but: So suave dating sites

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So suave dating sites



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So suave dating sites



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