vedic astrology birth dates

vedic astrology birth dates

Vedic astrology birth dates

vedic astrology birth dates

Almost all the newspapers and magazines have a separate column for horoscopes and astrology. Horoscope has also become a trend on internet. As a loyal reader you really need to know the system and logic behind writing forecasts or horoscopes. Only then, reading the horoscopes will make any sense.

vedic astrology birth dates

You must know that whether, whatever you are reading or about whichever sign you are reading is correct or incorrect. Well, this is a big question and must know the answer.

vedic astrology birth dates

Take an example- if any forecast is written on the vedic astrology birth dates of western sun signs, then reading it as Vedic sun signs is totally incorrect. Therefore, you must know whether the sun sign is based on western system of astrology western zodiac or Indian system of astrology Indian zodiac. Reading a wrong horoscope can lead the readers to wrong paths. The readers might get worried and anxious. This will definitely take away your peace of mind. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to know your exact sign on the basis of western and Indian zodiac, respectively.

Once you understand the logic behind making horoscopes, only then you will be able to read the accurate horoscope.

This will enable you to understand what destiny has in store for you. Well, the difference between the western sun signs and Vedic sun signs must be clearly known in order to facilitate correct reading. Our universe is divided into 12 vedic astrology birth dates parts. Each part denotes a sign. The first part is Aries, the second Taurus and so on. Universe is measured as a circle of degrees that is divided into 12 equal parts. Each part, comprising of 30 degrees represent a sign.

The sun sign denotes the sign see more the basis of position of the sun at the time of our birth. There is a difference between western zodiac and Indian zodiac in calculating the 12 parts of the universe.

Horoscope Date: Difference in Vedic & Western Sun Signs

The western zodiac calculates the position of heavenly bodies from a fixed point whereas; the Hindu zodiac system calculates the 12 parts on the basis of variable point. Currently, the western zodiac differs from the Indian zodiac by 23 degrees.

vedic astrology birth dates

Moreover, you are now fully aware that which sun sign to read from now onwards. You can also use astrology software in order to know your sun sign.

vedic astrology birth dates

You can visit www. More from the section: Horoscope Articles.]

Vedic astrology birth dates

Have: Vedic astrology birth dates

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Vedic astrology birth dates - long time

. vedic astrology birth dates.

Vedic astrology birth dates Video

Steps to Reading your Vedic Astrology chart



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Vedic astrology birth dates



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