plenty of fish revenue

plenty of fish revenue

Plenty of fish revenue

plenty of fish revenue
plenty of fish revenue

It has always been felt that some place was needed in which these might be properly and securely housed in order to preserve them in good order, and the idea has been in the minds of the committee that plenty of fish revenue might be made the nucleus of a very good museum, which would he an attraction to visitors to the town. Last night therefore Mr C. The society was run by revenue from licenses and sales of fish, and it could not afford to provide a room. There was.

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Glass cases would be required, and he considered the display would be a distinct attraction. It was a good collection, comprising very many of the. There were upwards of birds, all in good condition.

plenty of fish revenue

He made a strong appeal for assistance to the society. He said the members considered part of the hand rotunda could easily he converted to the use desired, and it might he housed in the Town Hal] when that building was erected in the future.

plenty of fish revenue

He hoped the council would give the request serious consideration, so that the exhibit might not he damaged and perhaps lost to the town. Later the council gave consideration to the matter, the chairman stating that the place would need to he made water and airtight. Cr Lester said it would cost a fair amount of monev. Cr Gilbert suggested setting up dating games online multiplayer committee to meet the Acclimatisation Sooietv and discuss- the matter. Cr Reid recalled that 15 years ago a small exhibit had been given to the council, and he wondered whither it had gone. Cr Strange said he believed the council could find plenty of room in the library.

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After some desultory discussion it was agreed to set up a committee, to "onsist of the Mayor, Crs Gilbert, Pa "c. Strange and Walklev. This article text was automatically generated and may include errors. View the full page to see article in its original form.]

plenty of fish revenue Plenty of fish revenue

Plenty of fish revenue Video

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Plenty of fish revenue



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Plenty of fish revenue



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