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But the upgrade is a nice job and Old Grand-Dad bourbon deserves more attention.

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It's also good that Beam is emphasizing the bond, rather than the other Old Grand-Dad expressions. Historically, Old Grand-Dad Bonded was the 1 bonded bourbon when bottled-in-bond meant something to bourbon drinkers. The new label emphasizes the brand's high rye mashbill. The label is printed on the glass and the bottle is tall and sleek, for a modern look.

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It now has a cork topper instead of a screw-cap. These are all improvements, but they made one screw-up.

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rbc online dating There is no evidence to support the new claim that Basil Hayden "was known for distilling bourbon with a high rye content. What is known is that Beam continued to use the same recipe the previous owner was using, the same recipe Beam still uses, but that's about as far as it goes. Of the many bourbon brands Beam acquired browsing singles it merged with National Distillers inthe Old Grand-Dad recipe was the only one Beam continued to make the same way. All of the other National brands, such as Old Crow, were simply switched to Jim Beam distillate when the liquid made by National ran out.

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Although Beam doesn't officially disclose mashbills, Booker Noe told me many years ago that the Old Grand-Dad recipe is about 30 percent rye, as compared to Jim Beam at about 15 percent. Four Roses also uses more rye than average in both of its mashbills. At the other extreme, some major bourbons contains as little as 8 percent rye.

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It is important to challenge this new exaggeration about the origins of the Old Grand-Dad recipe because there is real history here, important history that deserves to be told without brand-hyping distortion. Here's a little bit of it.

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Basil Hayden was one of the leaders of a migration of Catholics from Maryland to Kentucky in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Although they came west in small groups over about a year period, they all came with the rbc online dating of settling in what are now Marion, Nelson, and Washington Counties.]

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It's a little concerning to see the numbers," he said. So still very positive about the continued progress on reopening the economy through the next 12 to 24 months. The bank, however, is encouraged by economic indicators such as rising credit card spending and business investments, draws on operating working capital lines and the growth of term asset lending. Rising mortgage loans have coincided with a big spike in home prices, but McKay said the bank isn't worried about the quality of its credit book so much as the long-term macroeconomic issues. So I think all policy-makers are worried partly as well about long-term economic drag from that much cash flow going into servicing housing. rbc online dating



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