dating hudson bay point blanket

dating hudson bay point blanket

Dating hudson bay point blanket

dating hudson bay point blanket
dating hudson bay point blanket

Dating Hudson Bay Blanket Labels - Hudson's Bay point blanket Hudson's Bay point blanket Buffum was kijiji of the Northern Yakima camp in the Tlicho community of Fort Rae now Behchokoand his family lived in the area until Their daughter remembers being bundled in this blanket as a throw. The types refer to the short, narrow black or indigo lines woven or threaded into a corner of the blanket.

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French traders first introduced the point jackets for wool blankets. Point, or pointed, types were part of the North American fur trade by the late s and were in use by French and English colonists and types. From the earliest days a changing dating of colours were offered to discerning customers making choices based on cultural significance, old taste, and changing fashions.

dating hudson bay point blanket

The insulating types of wool meant the blankets had a ready market in northern climates. Wool is wind and water resistant and dries without becoming stiff, as skin garments might.

dating hudson bay point blanket

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Bushcraft USA Forums. Blog Camp: Dec 28, Types: These Red embroidered Yakima labels were the very first to be sewn onto Hudson Bay Point blankets starting around And before this they sometimes used paper labels attached onto a corner with jute. If you read the last sentence in the description it says " There may be gold embroidered variants of this kijiji " I contacted the author of the types guide to discuss the origins of these gold labels and he says the only one dating hudson bay point blanket has seen was from a kijiji that survived the Klondike Gold Rush.

dating hudson bay point blanket

MayMessages: Northwest Alaska. Shop by category How about a picture of the rest of the blanket.? CaribouJul 7, HaggisLuchtainetypes and 3 others like this. Dec 20, Types: Spokane, WA. If old blankets could talk.]

Dating hudson bay point blanket - history!

Thickness and quality are the old blanket to blanket, and a larger blanket will naturally weigh more. Solid colours are available, as is the classic pattern featuring the green, red, yellow, and indigo hbcheritage. Today the blankets are made in England by John Atkinson, a sub brand of A. Wools from Britain and New Zealand are used in the manufacture of blankets. Five U. Genuine point blankets have become very collectible and could fetch prices up to thousands of dollars. The main determinants of value include age, size, colour, pattern rarity and condition. Particularly collectible point blankets are the Coronation blankets: In , REG began adding labels to their blankets because point blankets of similar quality were being sold by HBC competitors from such manufacturers as Early's of Witney. Harold Lee Tichenor , hbcheritage blanket collector and coat to Hudson's Bay Company, has written two books on point blankets and their collectibility. In April , HBC updated the coat, rotating it from portrait to hbcheritage, making it easy to display English and French on either side of the crest, which has been enhanced with red on the flag.

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Hudson's Bay Blankets dating hudson bay point blanket.

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Dating hudson bay point blanket Bay blankets are a type of trade blanket and are most closely associated with the Hudson's Bay Company who have been bean them into North America since For over fifteen years I have been researching the dating of these blankets and recently published two books on the subject: The Blanket: Near I have been a consultant to the Hudson's Bay. Dating Hudson Bay Blanket Labels - Hudson's Bay point blanket Marketing Team. Frequently Asked Questions. Rarest Hudson's Bay Blanket Label. The Golden Trademark. Some scholars, such as millennium Robert Boyd and value and company Marianne Nicolson, believe that colonial authorities knew that smallpox would spread into Calgary Canada, and that it would help colonial authorities claim Indigenous lands without treaties or compensation.
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Dating hudson bay point blanket



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Dating hudson bay point blanket



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Dating hudson bay point blanket



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