dating meaning in kannada

dating meaning in kannada

Dating meaning in kannada

dating meaning in kannada

Uttara Dating meaning in kannada was the home of the Kadamba kingdom from the to They ruled from Banavasi. After the subjugation of the Kadambas by the Chalukyasthe district came under successive rule of empires like ChalukyasRashtrakutasHoysalas and Vijayanagar empire. Ruins of an old mosque and its minaret can still be seen in the village. The district came under the rule of Maratha Empire in the s and later part of Mysore Kingdomwho ceded it to the British at the conclusion of the Fourth Mysore War in It was initilally dating meaning in kannada of Kanara district in Madras Presidency. The district was divided to North and South Kanara districts in Inthe southern portion of Bombay State was added to Mysore Statewhich was renamed Karnataka in Significant and picturesque, the Sadashivgad fort of historical importance is now a tourist destination located by the Kali river bridge, which has been built at the confluence of the river and the Arabian Sea.

The renowned Bengali poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagorewho visited Uttara Kannada indedicated an entire chapter of his memoirs to this town.

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There is a substantial amount of Chardo families in this area as they had migrated due to the persecution of the Portuguese in Goa. Portuguese[ edit ] Cintacora, also known as Chitrakul Chittakula and Sindpur, was known to the Portuguese as a very old port. When Sadashivgad was built in this area, the village also came dating meaning in kannada be known by that name. Pir fort, named for the Dargah of Shahkaramuddin, was captured and burnt by the Portuguese in The creek at the mouth of the Kali River was a trading center which came into greater prominence after Sadashivgad was built and the Portuguese realised the advantages of its sheltered harbour.

British[ edit ] Ina rival English trading body, the Courteen Association, established a factory at Uttara Kannada actually the village named Kadwad, situated 6 kilometres 3. It was a trade port frequented by traders from Arabia and Africa. Baitkhol port the current civil port of Uttara Kannada was romantic date ideas for him for its natural harbour.

dating meaning in kannada

The name Baithkhol is Arabic term, Bait-e-kol, meaning bay of safety. Muslin was the chief commodity purchased but Uttara Kannada was also a source for peppercardamomcassia and coarse blue cotton cloth. Situated on India's west coast, 50 miles south-east of GoaUttara Kannada was noted for its safe harbour.

dating meaning in kannada

Sincethe time from which it came under Bombay presidencyUttara Kannada was described as a first rate harbour between Bombay and Colombo. Maratha Empire[ edit ] It became a part of Maratha territory.

It was a part of the Bombay Presidency dating meaning in kannada Geography and climate[ edit ] Karwar evening The main geographic feature of the district is the Western Ghats or Sahyadri range, which runs from north to south through the district. Between the Sahyadris and the sea is a narrow coastal strip, known as the Payanghat, which varies from 8 to 24 kilometres 5. Behind the coastal plain are flat-topped hills from 60 to meters in height, and behind the hills are the ridges and peaks of the Sahyadris.

dating meaning in kannada

East of the Sahyadris is the Balaghat upland, part of the vast Deccan plateau. Moisture-bearing winds come from the west, and yearly rainfall averages 3, millimetres in on the coast, and as high as 5, millimetres in on the west-facing slopes of the Sahyadris. East of the crest is the rain shadow of the Sahyadriswhich receive as little as 1, millimetres 39 in annually.]

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Dating meaning in kannada



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Dating meaning in kannada



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Dating meaning in kannada



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