emma jane austen matchmaking quotes

emma jane austen matchmaking quotes

Emma jane austen matchmaking quotes

emma jane austen matchmaking quotes

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Emma Emma: Top Ten Quotes "And you have forgotten one matter of joy to me, said Emma, and a very considerable one--that I made the match myself. Emma jane austen matchmaking quotes made the match, you know, four years ago; and to have it take place, and be proved in the right, when so many people said Mr.

Weston would never marry again, may comfort me for anything 9. Emma says this to Mr. Knightley and her father about the marriage of Miss Taylor and Mr. This quote gives the reader a hint of Emma's character, and a glimpse of the major marriage and matchmaking themes of the novel. His own stomach could bear nothing rich, and he could never believe other people to be different from himself.

emma jane austen matchmaking quotes

What was unwholesome to him he regarded as unfit for anybody; and he had, therefore, earnestly tried to dissuade them from having any wedding-cake, at all, and when that proved vain, as earnestly tried to prevent anybody's eating emma jane austen matchmaking quotes This is an example of one of Mr. Woodhouse's eccentricities, which make him a comic character in Emma. He also encourages people to eat gruel for supper and not to go out at night.

emma jane austen matchmaking quotes

She would notice her; she would improve her; she would detach her from her bad acquaintances, and introduce her into good society; she would form her opinions and her emma jane austen matchmaking quotes. It would be an interesting, and certainly a very kind undertaking; highly becoming her own station in life, her leisure, and powers This quote shows how Emma thinks about her new friend Harriet, and how she plans to 'help' her. Emma does indeed try to form Harriet's opinions for a while, and Harriet lets her.

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Dear Harriet, I give myself joy of this. It would have grieved me to lose your acquaintance, which must have been the consequence of your marrying Mr. I could not have visited Mrs. Robert Martin, of Abbey-Mill Farm This quote illustrates how much Emma is affected and concerned about society, as she does not hide the fact that she cannot keep friends in lower stations.

emma jane austen matchmaking quotes

It also shows the extent to which Harriet looks to Emma for advice, as she refuses Mr. Martin because she knows this is what Emma wants. You have been no friend to Harriet Smith, Emma Knightley says this to Emma after he realizes that she has persuaded Harriet not to marry Mr.]

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Counter Culture. Revised edition, Tyndale, The subtitle reflects a not uncommon theme in Christian writing going back to at least Francis Schaeffer, who called the era in the West beginning in the sixties as a post-Christian era. This book, though, is meant for right now. Indeed, the first chapter contains one of the best expositions of the Gospel for the contemporary culture that I have read.

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Production[ edit ] Conception and adaptation[ edit ] Douglas McGrath "fell in love" with Jane Austen 's novel Emma , while he was an undergraduate at Princeton University. He believed the book would make a great film, but it was not until a decade later that he was given a chance to work on the idea. Miramax's co-chairman, Harvey Weinstein , liked the idea of a contemporary take on the novel. I know that wouldn't recommend her to most people. I grew up in Texas, and I have never heard an actor or actress not from Texas sound remotely like a real Texan. I knew she had theater training, so she could carry herself. We had many actresses, big and small, who wanted to play this part. The minute she started the read-through, the very first line, I thought, 'Everything is going to be fine; she's going to be brilliant. However, he wanted Paltrow to appear in The Pallbearer first, before going ahead and allowing the film to be made. emma jane austen matchmaking quotes. Emma jane austen matchmaking quotes

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