oil rig dating scammers

oil rig dating scammers

Oil rig dating scammers

oil rig dating scammers

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Conclusion Overview of Oil Rig Scams Most oil rig scam victims are lonely people or those that feel desperate and unsuccessful in their search for love. Oil rig romance scammers target people from any educational background, sexual identity, gender, ethnicity, and even income level.

oil rig dating scammers

There is no specific target for these scams as anyone can be a victim to a sweet-talker who tells them exactly what they want to hear. Oil rig scams are almost the perfect crimes, as all one needs to do is to sit in front of their screen safely overseas while hunting for prey within millions of social network users. For this reason, the scam perpetrators rarely get caught.

oil rig dating scammers

The unsuspecting victims suffer substantial damage — financially and emotionally. They end up with such deep embarrassment that they cannot admit to being scam victims. With over million internet users seeking online dating services globally, there is an enormous chance of being caught by oil rig dating scams.

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Reports show that victims part with thousands of dollars on one scammer out of alleged love. According to the FBI, of all internet-facilitated crimes, romance scams alone stand as the highest cause for financial losses.

oil rig dating scammers

Could you be a victim of an Oil Rig shoujo city 3d new update Although oil rig scams vary in detail, they have an identical trajectory that they all follow. The oil rig romance scammer will identify the victim; rapidly establish a relationship online; then ask for a small amount of money — perhaps for a birthday gift — testing the readiness of the victim. Soon afterward, the scammer claims to be in a crisis where they need a massive sum of money and promises to return it promptly.

oil rig dating scammers

Several other attempts of borrowing money follow until the victim is unable to send more money, or until they realize it was all a scam. Oil rig romance scammers usually operate as a team, with specific roles for each member.]

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