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I know this will never be seen but I just want to vent my anger about this issue that has been bugging me since they changed matchmaking after shadowkeep.

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Bungie I beg you to bring back skill based matchmaking to all pvp modes. I have been an avid player of the crucible sbmm cod all my years of Destiny and these past couple years in the crucible has been utter hell.

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Ever since then I have either gotten matches where most players are vastly above my skill level leaving me to feel worthless as a player, or a match where I do the same to those who have less skill than I. In the time since the change in my feelings to crucible have worsened, and with the lack of sbmm cod for it, has made it even worse. Please bring back skill based matchmaking, because it is literally killing the crucible player base aside from those who are in the higher tier skill levels. Sbmm cod of the reason there are so few newcomers to trials is because the crucible itself is a daunting unfair task for any new player and those who lack the skill.]

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Sbmm cod 1 day ago · No SBMM in GUN GAME? Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Live | WARZONE - Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombie,Multiplayer, SnD Grind - the *NEW* MP WOW - UPDATE Your LC10 Class NEW ATTACHMENT! (Best LC10 Class) - Cold War - Ela é MUITO FORTE mas não o SUFICIENTE Road to Gold: MARSHAL #01 - CoD Cold War. 18 hours ago · Actually edited and put paragraphs in. Hilarious. But yeah COD has SBMM, go over there and see how it feels. You want a protective pool for new players am cool with that, say under or so matches. After that sack up and stop being a baby. 5 days ago · The multiplayer is set to launch with 20 maps but a CoD leaker has revealed that it will feature Cold War’s controversial SBMM system. Players have been itching to find out more and more.
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However, fans believe that developers have tightened up the algorithm in recent years to make the function stricter. Despite launching with an insane amount of Multiplayer maps , Vanguard is already disappointing users. This system aims to match players in an optimal way to maximize engagement. With that in mind, players are queued into lobbies that minimize the risks of them quitting playing. Therefore, Vanguard may well hand players just enough good lobbies to keep them invested in the Multiplayer experience. I get that not everyone spends a lot of time on social media channel and don't follow all the news. So, YES. It'll be in the game and it'll be the same as it is in Cold War.



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