wot matchmaking table 9.4

wot matchmaking table 9.4

Wot matchmaking table 9.4

wot matchmaking table 9.4

Given: three elements Asked for: element with highest fourth ionization energy List the electron configuration of each element. Determine whether electrons are being removed from a filled or partially filled valence shell. Predict which element has the highest fourth ionization energy, recognizing that the highest energy corresponds to the removal of electrons from a filled electron core.

wot matchmaking table 9.4

The fourth ionization energy for boron, however, corresponds to removing an electron from the filled 1s 2 subshell. This should require much more energy.

9.4: Ionization Energy

This is because the valence electrons do not screen each other very well, allowing the effective nuclear charge to increase steadily across the row. The valence electrons wot matchmaking table 9.4 therefore attracted more strongly to the nucleus, so atomic sizes decrease and ionization energies increase. These effects represent two sides of the same coin: stronger electrostatic interactions between the electrons and the nucleus further increase the energy required to remove the electrons. There is a decrease in ionization energy within a group most easily seen here for groups 1 and However, the first ionization energy decreases at Al [Ne]3s 2 3p 1 and at S [Ne]3s 2 3p 4. The decrease at S occurs because the two electrons in the same p orbital repel each other.

wot matchmaking table 9.4

This makes the S atom slightly less stable than would otherwise be expected, as is true of all the group 16 wot matchmaking table 9.4. These figures illustrate three important trends: The changes seen in the second Li to Nefourth K to Krfifth Rb to Xeand sixth Cs to Rn rows of the s and p blocks follow a pattern similar to the pattern described for the third row of the periodic table. The transition metals are included in the fourth, fifth, and sixth rows, however, and the lanthanides are included in the sixth row. The first ionization energies of the transition metals are somewhat similar to one another, as are those of the lanthanides.

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First ionization energies generally decrease down a column. Although the principal quantum number n increases down a column, filled inner shells are effective at screening the valence electrons, so there is a relatively small increase in the effective nuclear charge.

wot matchmaking table 9.4

Consequently, the atoms become larger as they acquire electrons. Valence electrons that are farther from the nucleus are less tightly bound, making them easier to remove, which causes ionization energies to decrease. A larger radius corresponds to a lower ionization energy. Because of wot matchmaking table 9.4 first two trends, the elements that form positive ions most easily have the lowest ionization energies lie in the lower left corner of the periodic table, whereas those that are hardest to ionize lie in the upper right corner of the periodic table.

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wot matchmaking table 9.4 Consequently, ionization energies generally increase diagonally from lower left Cs to upper right He. The darkness of the shading inside the cells of the table indicates the relative magnitudes of the ionization energies. Elements in gray have undetermined first ionization energies. Gallium Gawhich is the first element following the first row of transition metals, has the following electron configuration: [Ar]4s 2 3d 10 4p 1. Its first ionization energy is significantly lower than that of the immediately preceding element, zinc, because the filled 3d 10 subshell of gallium lies inside the 4p subshell, screening the single 4p electron from the nucleus.

Experiments have revealed something of even greater interest: link second and third electrons that are removed when gallium is ionized come from the 4s 2 orbital, not the 3d 10 subshell. This and similar electron configurations are particularly stable and are often encountered in the heavier p-block elements. They are sometimes referred to as pseudo noble gas configurations.]

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Wot matchmaking table 9.4

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Wot matchmaking table 9.4



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