dating profile text sample

dating profile text sample

Dating profile text sample

dating profile text sample

Box frame[ edit ] A simple timber frame made of straight vertical and horizontal pieces with a common rafter roof without purlins. The term box frame is not well defined and has been used for any kind of framing with the usual exception of cruck framing.

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The distinction presented here is that the roof load is dating profile text sample by the exterior walls. Purlins are also found even in plain timber frames. Cruck frame[ edit ] A "true" or dating profile text sample cruck half-timbered building in WeobleyHerefordshireEngland: The cruck blades are the tall, curved timbers which extend from near the ground to the ridge. A cruck is a pair of crooked or curved timbers [3] which form a bent U. More than 4, cruck frame buildings have been recorded in the UK. Several types of cruck frames are used; more information follows in English style below and at the main article Cruck.

dating profile text sample

True cruck or full cruck: blades, straight or curved, extend from ground or foundation to the ridge acting as the principal rafters. A full cruck does not need a tie beam. Base cruck: tops of the blades are truncated by the first transverse member such as by a tie beam. Raised cruck: blades land on masonry wall, and extend to the ridge.

dating profile text sample

Middle cruck: blades land on masonry wall, and are truncated by a collar. Upper cruck: blades land on a tie beam, here similar to knee rafters. Jointed cruck: blades are made from pieces joined near eaves in a number of ways. See also: hammerbeam roof End cruck is not a style, but on the gable end of a building. Half-timbered houses, BacknangGermany Half-timbered houses, Miltenberg im Odenwald, Germany Rural old railway station timber framing style in MetelenGermany Aisled frame[ edit ] Interior of a two-aisled market hall, Chipping Campden Aisled frames have one or more rows of interior posts. These interior posts typically carry more structural load than dating profile text sample posts in the exterior walls.

This is the same concept of the aisle in church buildings, sometimes called a hall churchwhere the center aisle is technically called a nave. However, a nave is often called an aisle, and three-aisled barns are common in the U. Aisled buildings are wider than the simpler box-framed or cruck-framed buildings, and typically dating profile text sample purlins supporting the rafters.

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Half-timbering[ edit ] Half-timbered wall with three kinds of infill, wattle and daubbrick, and stone: The plaster coating which originally covered the infill and timbers is mostly gone. This building is in the central German city of Bad Langensalza. The frame is often left exposed on the exterior of the building. Similar methods to wattle and daub were also used and known by various names, such as clam staff and daub, cat-and-clay, or torchis Frenchto name only three. Wattle and daub was the most common infill in ancient times. The sticks were not always technically wattlework wovenbut also dating profile text sample sticks installed vertically, horizontally, or at an angle into holes or grooves in the framing. The coating of daub has many recipes, but generally was a mixture of clay and chalk with a binder such as grass or straw and water or urine.

Stone laid in dating profile text sample as an infill was used in areas where stone rubble and mortar were available. Brick infill sometimes called nogging became the standard infill after the manufacturing of bricks made them more available and less expensive. Half-timbered walls may be covered by siding materials including plasterweatherboardingtilesor slate shingles. When left exposed, both the framing and infill were sometimes done in a decorative manner. Check this out is famous for its decorative half-timbering dating profile text sample the figures sometimes have names and meanings.

The decorative manner of half-timbering is promoted in Germany by the German Timber-Frame Roadseveral planned routes people can drive to see notable examples of Fachwerk buildings. Gallery of infill types: Decorative fired-brick infill with owl-holes Ordinary brick infill left exposed Stone infill called opus incertum by the Romans Some stone infill left visible The wattle and daub was covered with a decorated layer of plaster.

dating profile text sample

Like wattle and daub, but with horizontal stakes Here, the plaster infill itself is sculpted and decorated. Top: wattle and daub, bottom: rubblestone Gallery of some named figures and decorations: Simple saltires or St. Andrews crosses in Germany Two curved saltires also called St. Andrews crosses during repairs to a building in Germany: The infill has been dating profile text sample. Several forms of 'man' figures are found in Germany, this one is called a 'wild man'.]

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