leo sign dates 2020

leo sign dates 2020

Leo sign dates 2020

leo sign dates 2020

It corresponds to the constellation Leo and comes after Cancer and before Virgo.

leo sign dates 2020

The traditional Western zodiac associates Leo with the period between July 23 and August 22, [2] and the sign spans the th to th degree of celestial longitude. Leo is associated with fireaccompanied by Aries and Sagittarius, and its modality is fixed. Under the tropical zodiacthe Sun transits this area on average between July 23 and August 22 each year, and under the sidereal zodiacfree online dating site international Sun currently transits this area from approximately August 16 to September Its opposite sign is Aquarius.]

leo sign dates 2020 Leo sign dates 2020

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leo sign dates 2020.

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Leo sign dates 2020



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Leo sign dates 2020



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Leo sign dates 2020



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