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But with all that beer comes an abundance of plastic, largely in the form of single-use six-pack holders that typically end up in the trash and landfill.

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Recently featured in an episode of Central Oregon Makers from Visit Central Oregon, Local Plastic has joined forces with breweries throughout Central Oregon and beyond to breathe local singles life into single-use and other plastics by transforming them into completely new products. For the time being, Local Plastic is focused on producing large sheets of click plastic, which local singles then handed over to designers and other makers to turn them into functional local singles ranging from planters, bowls, and drinkware, to tabletops, architectural panels, and even barstools.

Together with these makers and local brewers, Local Plastic is building a greener beer industry, one six-pack at a time. The idea behind Local Plastic began when owner Phil Torchio saw a need for an innovative alternative to single-use plastic, such as those found in beer six-pack holders, after discovering that only about 30 percent of plastics that end up in recycling bins can actually be recycled through traditional means. In their quest for clean plastic, Local Plastic discovered PakTech, a sustainable plastics company based in Eugene that produces packaging holders that are percent recycled and recyclable.

With the help of PakTech products, Local Plastic has kept the cycle going, ensuring that PakTech holders are, once again, being repurposed.

local singles

Rather than have all that plastic end up in the landfill one six-pack at a time, we knew there had to be a useful, practical, and environmentally friendly way to local singles all that waste. Local Plastic is part of a larger company called The Broomsmen, an event management business that specializes in sustainability and waste reduction for weddings and events of all sizes.

local singles

Established inThe Broomsmen use source separating techniques in an effort to keep resources out of landfills. You can find The Local singles and their trendy recycling, compost, glass, and trash bins at many popular events throughout Central Oregon. During summer fire season, The Broomsmen also operate a fire camp recycling business that sorts and recycles discarded waste from wildfire camps throughout Oregon.

local singles

Barely three hours from Portland, and with daily direct flights from eight major markets, getting to Central Oregon is a breeze. For more information visit www. Learn more about Barney here.

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Linkedin It could soon become easier to build denser housing in California as two controversial pieces of housing legislation move closer to becoming law. Senate Bill 10, authored by state Sen. SB 10, if signed, would streamline the process for rezoning some single-family lots to contain up to 10 housing units in transit-rich areas within a half mile from transit, while SB 9 would allow up to four housing units on a previously single-family lot by allowing owners to divide lots into two and build duplexes on each. Critics of the bills allege the legislation could increase speculation, causing vulnerable homeowners to be displaced as developers purchase properties in hopes of building denser housing to turn a profit. Concerns have also been raised that the bills do not specifically require that any of the new housing will be affordable, and that the bills undermine local control. The bills are part of a broader push to ease zoning restrictions proponents say caused a statewide housing shortage and environmental damage caused by water-sucking urban sprawl and long vehicle commutes as Californians are priced out of housing near urban centers where jobs exist. Local control Former Foster City Mayor Linda Koelling, who has long advocated against such bills, raised a list of concerns, ranging from increased water use from new construction, reductions of green space, to affordable housing and eroding local control.



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