october star sign dates

october star sign dates

October star sign dates

october star sign dates
october star sign dates

Times, Dates and More on the Eclipse Series of Hong Kong: Sunday May 1st4. Hong Kong: Monday May 16th The ruler of the Moon in Mars, now conjunct Neptune in Pisces. During the last eclipse Venus was conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, this time our will and energy is subdued, directed in ways that are unknown to us just now. October star sign dates too, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. There has been little movement from Saturn in Aquarius, still square the Nodal Axis, pretty much to the degree. Hong Kong: Tuesday October 25th6. Not quite six months later, just after Scorpio Season begins, we have a New Moon in this sign.

About a day: October 12, 1948

Interestingly, Venus is conjunct the Luminaries, peppering our intentions with hot seeds of desire. As we look ahead we might like to consider there is much that can shift and change; manifest with a readiness and openness to transformation.

october star sign dates

Lilith is trine the New Moon… Mars has just passed a square to Neptune, with a grand trine in air: Mercury in Libra trine the mid-point of Saturn and Vesta in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini a planet that will retrograde on October 30th, Hong Kong: Tuesday November 8th7. At this lunation we must leap into a round of applause for asteroid Ceres, who has neatly lined up to the Sun and Moon, in position in Virgo.

october star sign dates

Kudos too to Mercury and Venus, sandwiching the Sun in Scorpio, all three having rolled over the South Node point, in what will perhaps be a purging process extraordinaire. But, what most astrologers will want to heavily emphasise is Uranus, the true star of the show Exactly Conjunct the Moon in Taurus. Read more about Uranus in Taurushere.

Answer for "What Zodiac Star Sign is October 12, 1948?"

Saturn, ever present in our skies, continues to hold strong in Aquarius, again square this Full Moon. Get used to him! As we look towards these moments in time — the Eclipses — and where they land in the Zodiac, we ascribe them a series of Eclipses. The Nodes move into this pairing on January 19th ; the North Node of destiny, fate october star sign dates karmic experience will appear in Taurus, while the South Node will move backwards through Scorpio.

Note that the two houses of your horoscope where Taurus and Scorpio appear will be highly significant growth areas.]

October star sign dates

October star sign dates Video

October - What Does Your Birth Month Say About You In Urdu - Libra Star Sign, Zodiac Sign (2021)

October star sign dates - variant

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October star sign dates



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October star sign dates



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October star sign dates



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October star sign dates



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