positive effects of online dating essay

positive effects of online dating essay

Positive effects of online dating essay

positive effects of online dating essay

Select two of the professionals involved and consider how their approach compares or contrasts with social work values and ethics related to empowerment. Discussion 1: Client Empowerment The concept of empowerment has meaning and relevance in these times of growing inequality, diminishing resources, and increasing intergroup conflict. These problems might seem too large and pervasive, yet social workers effect social change in these areas one client at a time. The alleviation of oppression and discrimination for one client can change the experience for many others who are faced with the same plight.

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Are there times when a social worker positive effects of online dating essay the system might work against client empowerment? How might you assist your clients in recognizing their strengths, in order to empower them against the oppression and discrimination they might be facing? Consider the ways each professional may be supporting or stifling her empowerment. She is bilingual, fluent in both Spanish and English. Paula lives alone in an apartment in Queens, NY. She is divorced and has one son, Miguel, who is 20 years old. Paula maintains a relationship with her son and her ex-husband, David Paula raised Miguel until he was 8 years old, at which time she was forced to relinquish custody due to her medical condition. Paula is severely socially isolated as she has limited contact with her family in Colombia and lacks a peer network of any kind in her neighborhood.

Paula identifies as Catholic, but she does not consider religion to be a big part of her life.

positive effects of online dating essay

Paula came from a moderately well-to-do family. Paula completed high school in Colombia, but ran away when she was 17 years old because she could no longer tolerate the abuse at home. Paula became an intravenous drug user IVDUparticularly of cocaine and heroin. Paula continued to use drugs in the United States for several years; however, she stopped when she got pregnant with Miguel. David continued to use drugs, which led to the failure of their marriage. Upon completing her BA, Paula worked for a clothing designer, but realized her true passion was painting. She has a collection of more than drawings and paintings, many of which track the course positive effects of online dating essay her personal and emotional journey.

positive effects of online dating essay

Paula held a full-time job for a number of years before her health prevented her from working. Paula was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

positive effects of online dating essay

She experiences rapid cycles of mania and depression when not properly medicated, and she also has a tendency toward paranoia. Paula has a history of not complying with her psychiatric medication treatment because she does not like the way it makes her feel. She often discontinues it without telling her psychiatrist. Paula has had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations but has remained out of the hospital for at least five years.]

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Psychology[ edit ] The halo effect is a perception distortion or cognitive bias that affects the way people interpret the information about someone that they have formed a positive gestalt way people form impressions of others with. Because of the positive gestalt, the person may dismiss the significance of this behavior. They may even think that the person simply made a mistake. The person would justify the behavior and connect it with your positive gestalt. The halo effect refers to the tendency we have of evaluating an individual high on many traits because of a shared belief. The halo effect specifically refers to when this behavior has a positive correlation, such as viewing someone who is attractive as likely to be successful and popular.

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Positive effects of online dating essay



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