speed dating firemen

speed dating firemen

Speed dating firemen

speed dating firemen

EMT: Emergency medical technician s.

speed dating firemen

Engine: A fire suppression vehicle that has a water speed dating firemen and, typically, carries hoses, other equipment and a limited supply of water. Engineer: A firefighter responsible for driving the engine to the scene of the call and operation of the pumps on an engine, to provide sufficient water to the firefighters on the hose.

The term may be either a position title or a rank; usage varies among departments.

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Engine company: A group of firefighters assigned to an apparatus with a water pump and equipped with firehose and other tools related to fire extinguishment. Engine house: [archaic] A firehouse housing an engine company. Engine pressure: The pressure in a fire hose measured at the outlet of the pump. Enhanced i want to hook up with a pregnant girl Electronic system for automatic correlation of physical telephone lines with information about the location of the caller—a useful tool for dispatchers when the caller has an emergency but cannot speak.

Also refers to act of removing firefighters from a structure in danger of collapsing.

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Evolution: Uniform sequence of practiced steps by squad carrying out common tasks such as selection and placement of ladders, stowing hoses in hose bed, putting hoses and tools into service in particular patterns; intended to result in predictability during emergencies.

Exothermic speed dating firemen : Chemical reaction giving off heat in the process, such as combustion. Explorer: a young adult, between 14 and 21, who learns the basics of firefighting.

speed dating firemen

Exposure: Property near fire that may become involved by transfer of heat or burning material from main fire, typically by convection or radiation. May range from 40 feet 12 m to several miles, depending on size and type of fire or explosion. Exterior attack: A method of extinguishing a fire which does not involve entering the structure. Often used when so much of the building is involved in fire that there is little or no benefit to speed dating firemen firefighter safety by inserting them into the structure. May be a temporary measure when there are not sufficient personnel on scene to form an entry team and a rescue team to rescue the entry team.

Speed dating firemen known as surround and drown. Compare Interior attack. Extrication: removal of a trapped speed dating firemen such as a vehicle extricationconfined space rescueor trench rescue ; sometimes using hydraulic spreader, Jaws of Lifeor other technical equipment. ETOH: the chemical abbreviation for ethanolor ethyl alcohol, also used to describe someone believed to be intoxicated. While all of these versions of here name for a firefighter rescue crew either have been used or continue to be used in several areas, the National Incident Management System NIMS has determined that rapid intervention crew "RIC" will be the national term.

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Current U. T operations became officially mandated after the Worcester, MA Cold Storage fire, which claimed the lives of 6 firefighters, after they became disoriented in the smoke and subsequently ran out of air. FDC Fire department connection : Speed dating firemen in which pumping apparatus hooks to a buildings standpipe and or sprinkler system. Fire barn: Another term for fire station. Originally it referred to a stable which housed horses and the fire apparatus which they hauled. Although it may be colloquially employed to describe any such structure, the term is now most commonly used in rural areas. Firebreak : Especially in hilly or mountainous areas, roads or paths cut through brush with a tractorbulldozer or other construction equipment.

The purpose of these is to have an area check this out no brush, and thus, no fuel, so that a fire will hopefully burn out rather than jumping to another area speed dating firemen brush. Also to ensure vehicular access to brush areas. Fire buff Someone with considerable interest a fan in fire fighting and emergency services, while not being an active member of these services. Fire code Fire safety code : regulations for fire prevention and safety involving flammables, explosives and other dangerous operations and occupancies.

speed dating firemen

Fire complex: U. Fire engineering: Scientific design of materials, structures and source for fire safety Fire escape: A building structure arranged outside to assist in safe evacuation of occupants during an emergency; may connect horizontally beyond a fire wall or vertically to a roof or preferably to the ground, perhaps with speed dating firemen counter-weighted span to deny access to intruders.

It performs independent investigations of firefighter fatalities in the United States, also referred to as line of duty deaths LODD.

speed dating firemen

The programs goals are: 1. Firefighter : People who respond to fire alarms and other emergencies speed dating firemen fire suppression, rescue, and related duties. Fire flow: The amount of water being pumped onto a fire, or required to extinguish a hypothetical fire. A critical calculation in light of the axiom that an ordinary fire will not be extinguished unless there is sufficient water to remove the heat of the fire.]

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