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Most of this nonsense hides a number of important truths. First, the Taliban have defeated the United States.

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Second, the Taliban have won because they have more popular support. Third, this is not because most Afghans love the Taliban. It is because the American occupation has been unbearably cruel and corrupt. Fourth, the War on Terror has also been politically defeated in the United States. The majority of Americans are now in favor of withdrawal from Afghanistan and against any more foreign wars. Fifth, dating a younger girl advice is a turning point in world history. The greatest military power in the world has been defeated by the people of a small, desperately poor country.

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This will the power of the American empire all over the world. Sixth, the rhetoric of saving Afghan women has been widely used to justify the occupation, and many feminists in Afghanistan afa marriage agency chosen the side of the occupation.

The result is a tragedy for feminism. This article explains these points. Because this a short piece, we assert more than we prove.

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But we have written a great afa marriage agency about gender, politics and war in Afghanistan since we did fieldwork there as anthropologists almost fifty years ago. We give links to much of this work at the end of this article, so you can explore our arguments in more detail.

It is a military victory because the Taliban have won the war. For at least two years the Afghan government forces — the national army and the police — have been losing more people dead and wounded each month than they are recruiting. So those forces are shrinking.

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Over the last ten years the Taliban have been taking control of more and more villages and some towns. In the last twelve days they have taken all the cities. This was not a dating a younger girl advice advance through the cities and then on to Kabul. The people who took each city had long been in the vicinity, in the villages, waiting for the moment.

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Crucially, across the north the Taliban had been steadily recruiting Tajiks, Uzbeks and others. This is also a political victory for the Taliban. No guerilla insurgency on earth can win such victories without popular support.

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But perhaps support is not the right word. It is more that Afghans have had to choose sides. And more of the Afghan people have chosen to side with the Taliban than have chosen the American occupiers.]

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