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best match making

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This is especially the case in the movies where Aragorn and Eowyn seem like they could have been better together - and the eventual best match making between Eowyn and Faramir isn't explicitly shown although it is hinted at. From the fact that they were both humans to the chemistry between them, it might have made more sense for Aragorn to marry Eowyn once he was crowned king.

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She has to give up her immortality and her place in the Undying Lands like her kin. This is quite the sacrifice to make, and this makes their relationship rather bittersweet.

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She would have been able to remain with her family, and it would have felt more egalitarian. They both fight at the Battle of Pelennor Fields, and Eowyn is an important player in many scenes in both Rohan and then Gondor.

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This allows time for their dynamic to develop on screen. Eowyn, on the other hand, is an active participant in the narrative.

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She comes across as less passive than Arwen and has some iconic moments such as slaying the Witch-King, and this makes her seem like a better match for Aragorn who is also a person of action. Eowyn is clearly attracted to Aragorn, and Aragorn does seem to have feelings for her to some extent, even if they aren't completely romantic. There are scenes, such as when she tells him about her nightmare, where it seems like they could easily have best match making. Eowyn is dealing with her uncle Theoden being controlled by Saruman, and she is being pursued in a creepy way best match making Grima, so Aragorn is someone she can trust in these trying circumstances. However, as far as life experience and being mortal, Eowyn can relate more to Aragorn than Arwen can.

best match making

If they had ended up together, they would have lived a similar amount of time as long as nothing tragic happened to either one of them. When Aragorn becomes High King, being married to the Lady of Rohan would have been fitting politically. It would have been an ideal way to solidify the relationship between Gondor and Rohan going forward, and, Eowyn knew so much more about the culture of these kingdoms, she would have been a more best match making queen with knowledge and insight.]

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