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Every single day helium-filled balloons are released or accidentally escape from outdoor events. They can travel hundreds of kilometres over land and sea, and almost always end up in our waterways and oceans where they pose a threat to wildlife. The CSIRO has identified balloons as being in the top three most harmful pollutants threatening marine wildlife, and the Ocean Conservancy puts balloons at 3 on their list of the Deadliest Ocean Trash. Zoos Victoria runs a campaign called When Balloons Fly, Seabirds Die that highlights the problem with balloons and advocates for the use of eco-friendly alternatives. Balloons are 32 times more likely to kill browse pof without signing up sea bird than pieces of hard plastic when ingested! Disintegrating balloons closely resemble jellyfish, so both marine and terrestrial animals can easily mistake deflated balloons as food.

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Once ingested, balloons can cause stomach or intestinal blockages that can cause choking or starvation. Balloon ribbon-attachments can be just as dangerous.

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Birds, penguins, platypuses, sea turtles, seals and dolphins the list goes on can become entangled - disabling their wings, flippers or fins and restricting their ability to swim and feed, potentially leading to infections, amputations, starvation and drowning. Are latex balloons an eco-friendly option? The two most commonly used balloon types are latex and mylar.

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Owing to its biodegradability, latex is widely considered a safe option. However, testing has shown that decomposition of latex can take anywhere from six months to four years - giving it plenty of time to cause harm.

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Mylar balloons are composed of synthetic nylon with a metallic coating. They are non-biodegradable and therefore altogether ill-advised. Helium is a non-renewable resource. The wastage of helium to blow up balloons is a big problem not many people know about.

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Helium is very important: it's used in MRI scanners, fiber optics, welding, cooling nuclear reactors, cryogenics, lasers, LCDs, rare document preservation, and breathing ventilators for infants. We need affordable helium for these products. Is there a balloon pollution solution?

Helium balloons are the browse pof without signing up menace to the environment because they float away and end up in wild habitats. So, if you're going to have balloons at your party, consider blowing them up the old fashioned way with air!

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When they're done, make sure they end up in the bin. There's a global shift away from using balloons to mark celebrations altogether. There are plenty of korean dating app toronto alternatives: decorations that can be reused or recycled, such as tissue paper pompoms, paper lanterns and reusable fabric buntings Or consider investing in a bubble-making machine that can be used again and again! We offer a range of decorations that make colourful, fun festive alternatives to balloons - you can browse the range here.]

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