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rubens dating show

Rubens dating show

rubens dating show

It was one of the most expensive houses ever sold in Belgium. Known as Het Steen, the country house dating from had 33 rooms in total, including seven bedrooms, five toilets, two kitchens and two living rooms.

rubens dating show

The Flemish baroque artist bought the property infive years after his marriage to year-old Helena Fourment, and transformed it into a handsome Flemish Renaissance country house. After Rubens died, the castle went through various owners.

Rubens: Reuniting the Great Landscapes

It was used for a time as a prison, and occupied by troops during the Second World War. It became a listed monument inand was put up for sale in It might have ended up in the hands of a rich individual or maybe turned into a luxury hotel. But finally, in the summer ofthe Flemish government came up with the funds to buy Het Steen.

rubens dating show

The Flemish government came up with the funds to buy Het Steen The Flemish government has started discussions on the future of the castle and its grounds. After being apart for almost two centuries, the companion paintings were brought together again as Rubens intended in an exhibition that ran until 15 August, The exhibition was accompanied by a documentary film, a series of online talks and a richly rubens dating show monograph dedicated to the two landscapes.]

rubens dating show

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