sci fi fans dating

sci fi fans dating

Sci fi fans dating

sci fi fans dating
sci fi fans dating

Augmented reality AR Technology has been a topic of interest for a significant amount of time now. In these arenas, is seeing a host of well anticipated releases of eyewear set to mark a new threshold for ultimate visual and interactive experiences. Virtual Technology Virtual Reality Technology has been in major discussions, not only among tech lovers but, a number of major industries, particularly because of the its ability to shift sporting, gaming, corporate and even learning experiences to a whole new level. sci fi fans dating

These computer generated virtual realities have turned video games like Defense Grid 2 and Eve Valkyrie into our reality. With a number of VR models already entering the scene, we thought you should know about some of the incredible things you can now do with a pair of VR specs on the market. Caution…This will blow speed dating techinasia mind. The Oculus Rift begun its journey in with the release of its virtual reality debut, the Oculus Rift Development Kit 1. The new and improved Oculus Rift brings gamers to a x resolution pumped with a 90 Hertz display to experience beyond-the-screen-gaming.

GameStop, an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer, now in partnership with Sony, announced its fastest sellout in history when it put the PlayStation VR up for pre-order within 5 minutesproving that the device is one release we want to get our hands on ASAP. Because of what this powerful device promises to deliver. The device stands out against competitors in design with a smooth and more rounded design with spectacular LED lights along the edges. The resolution of the device sits at a spectacular 5. The built in 3D surround sound audio and television broadcast capability enables friends just click for source see what you are seeing. An Introduction to Augmented Reality Augmented Reality is a concept that has had our eyes and ears glued to tech forums in anticipation of news on product release dates, prototype features or even insider updates on the potential of this intriguing concept.

This particular technology introduces us to a host of advanced interactive experiences and a new kind of control. Wearable technology has been the biggest introduction of AR and VR technology, particularly in the release of smart speed dating techinasia and headsets. Here some models that are actually leading the pack so far. The R-7 In sci fi fans dating expansion of the potential of AR technology, Osterhout Design Group has produced a set of AR glasses that come with a set of remarkable features for entertainment, navigation and medical assistance.

The model runs on a Snapgragon processor which, put in simple terms, is like having a tablet on your face. It comes with two p lenses transparent lenses sci fi fans dating which both can be controlled separately to allow you to multi-task through different tasks. The company recently joined forces with automobile giant BMW to craft a feature that would provide real-time, above-the-line safety and navigation information to drivers.

sci fi fans dating

Sci fi fans dating jaw-dropping cinematic mode brings movies right into your living room and there are even plans of adding this 3-D tech to airline in-flight movies. The Microsoft HoloLens Perhaps the most anticipated release of is by the company that continues to lead its industry in turning innovation into reality, the Microsoft HoloLens. This long awaited release introduces us to unique kind of augmented reality…one that goes a little further…Holograms.

Yes, the word does come up quite often in many of your favorite Sci-Fi movies, but now, you can experience them for yourself.

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The Microsoft HoloLens introduced us to sci fi fans dating future of computing at the start of The HoloLens is made up of two plastic layered rings, the outer ring that holds the lenses and the inner ring that comfortably wraps around your head. The aesthetically appealing device has a futuristic external structure, but what makes this bad boy a major deal are all the features that are packed into it.

sci fi fans dating

The model is fitted with multiple cameras around it that are sci fi fans dating to detect your body movement and your environment. The powerful processor of the HoloLens projects images into the lenses which bends the light particles of the images and creates the virtual components for your eyes. This is what makes the HoloLens quite unique, you are able to see high definition 3-D models of objects that are clear to the point of appearing to be part of your surroundings.

sci fi fans dating

Not only that, but Microsoft engineers are working on a feature that will allow you to physically manipulate the structure of virtual components. Picture being able to change structures, bend them, mould them or even build them from scratch all with the power of AR technology. Can things get better than this?]

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Early life[ edit ] Fanning was born in Conyers, Georgia. She attended a Montessori School in Covington. Fanning, played minor league baseball and now works as an electronics salesman in Los Angeles , California. In , at the age of five, she began her professional acting career, appearing in a Tide television commercial. Her first significant acting job was a guest role in the NBC prime-time drama ER , which remains one of her favorite roles: I played a car accident victim who has leukemia. I got to wear a neck brace and nose tubes for the two days I worked. In , Fanning was chosen to star opposite Sean Penn in the movie I Am Sam , the story of a mentally challenged man who fights for the custody of his daughter played by Fanning. Her role in the film made Fanning the youngest person ever to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award, being seven years of age at the time.

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