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Can this film be used with the heat shrink machine? Yes, it is indeed used with the heat shrink machine.

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Because it is the highest-end POF cross-linked film. Normally, POF three types: ordinary film,high-end film, and cross-linked film. Ordinary film is widely used in the packaging of food, daily necessities, stationery, hardware and other products. The high-end film has a high low-temperature shrinkage trans pof and low shrinkage force, which is suitable for products that require low-temperature packaging or low shrinkage force, such as chocolate, CDs,etc.

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Cross-linked film is suitable for more packaging machinery, especially for packaging products with special needs, 3, Which size film should i choose based on my product? It is used with the heat shrink machine.

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Normally the film width should be more mm than the sum length of the product's height and width when you use a heat shrink sealing machine to pack your product. Product Tags.]

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