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September 24, [96] Myra visits Steve at school for lunch, and once again accuses Laura of trying to vie for his affections. The end result is a huge food fight, which gets them into trouble since they receive cafeteria duty for two weeks and Myra is punished by her parents in two weeks. Steve decides to continue dating Beast member dating, but he will break up with her if Laura changes her mind. Meanwhile, Carl — feeling he has lost his romantic touch with Harriette — decides to invest in a toupee.

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He later feels better when he learns that Harriette has also been dealing with hair problems as well. She quickly becomes frustrated with the car's slow speed, and in trying to get Steve to drive faster, causes it to break down.

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At the rundown hotel they stay at while the car is being repaired and a thunderstorm rages outside, Laura's disgusted and dismissive treatment of Steve finally pushes him to get angry at her and say he won't accept her treating him that badly anymore, which in turns leads Laura to apologize and the two of them to get back to being friends. Meanwhile, Carl gets annoyed as Fletcher and Estelle continually express love for each other in public, which is something he never does with Harriette. He also makes an inept attempt to fix the kitchen window after Steve broke it by jumping through it, against Harriette's admonition to call beast member dating professional.]

beast member dating Beast member dating

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