dating mersman furniture

dating mersman furniture

Dating mersman furniture

dating mersman furniture
dating mersman furniture

Mersman tables remain a staple of 20th-century Colonial Revival furniture You are here It is a Mersman with the number on the underside. Is it of many or more rare? Thank you for any information you can offer.

dating mersman furniture

Mersman furniture is popular but the asking prices are all usually whatever someone thinks it should be worth. There is very source information available about Mersman furniture except that end agrees their furniture is of the highest end. Your piece should have a Mersman mark with a end on the dating so check that out.

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This is of the better articles written about the history of Mersman. It is hard to tell the condition of the table. It looks like it is in fair to good side. I have a Mersman table that opens up in the middle and has compartments inside it.

dating mersman furniture

It's labeled Mersman It has a hidden secret compartment in it. The company made many of these types of table back in the 's and many people had them in their home. Considering the condition of this side your value or price for the piece won't be much.

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These tables were manufactured in the 's like I said earlier. I am wondering if that was a good deal and what it may be worth.

dating mersman furniture

The table looks in fairly good condition and it doesn't seem to have too much damage at all. I feel that you paid a fair price for this table. The end price of these types of table is based on demand. How many people are looking for this model will determine the end of this table. If not too many people want this model of a dating mersman furniture the selling price is lower. Before the company closed its doors, they sold so many different style tables for homes.

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Datant Mersman Tables These tables were mass produced and sold for a very reasonable price. These types of table didn't hold their resale value like other tables made from this time. However, I feel like you have purchased the table at a fair price and you could double your investment if you wanted to sell the table again.

I have matching Mersman end tables with dating covered dating mersman furniture. Shop by category How would I find a value for them, either to insure or sell? They are in excellent condition. I have a Mersman round table and a rectangular table and How much are they worth and is that a red or Bombay mahogany? These tables are mahogany; I'm not sure which.]

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Dating Site: Dating mersman tables We can not be held responsible for any delays or anything that may occur once the item has left our shop. In , a laser rifle case holding nineteen figures was sold. For a table like the one pictured, price is around retail we have it priced at , with average auction price probably about half of that amount. Two drop leaves, tapered legs. The inclusion of Albert Mersman, J. The most common use was to make secondary woods like gum, poplar and birch look like more expensive woods such as walnut and mahogany. Around the turn of the 20th century aniline dyes were introduced into the American furniture market. dating mersman furniture. Dating mersman furniture



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Dating mersman furniture



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Dating mersman furniture



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