scorpio lucky dates

scorpio lucky dates

Scorpio lucky dates

scorpio lucky dates

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You probably know your sign's basic Horoscope, but did you know that as a Scorpio, certain days and hours of every month are Lucky just for you? Find out when you will have good fortune just for being born under Scorpio.

scorpio lucky dates

Birth Day Calculation Your Birthday number is the date of the month you were born on, reduced to a single digit by fadic addition. For example, senator Hillary Clinton was born on October 26thso her Birthday number is 8 as shown below. Birth Day 1 - Blatant You tend scorpio lucky dates be far too loud and obvious in your actions for most people's taste. A little discretion on your part would be helpful to you and your friends. Birth Day 2 - Self-critical You are way too much of a perfectionist; don't beat yourself up too much when you do make the occasional mistake. Excepting yourself, you take everything in stride; nothing phases you.

scorpio lucky dates

Birth Day 3 - Jealous You have a tendency to be jealous; usually it's unwarranted. You also have a tenacity which can become a real strength for you. Just don't use it for the wrong reasons. Birth Day 4 - Vindictive You tend to be a cruel and vengeful adversary when crossed.

Don't take every challenge personally, or you will find yourself with few true friends. Birth Day 5 - Secretive You hide things just for interracial cupid dating app sake of hiding them. Being a little suspicious of other people is natural, but you take it to extremes. For your own sake, dating malta your partner into your confidence; don't keep secrets from them. Birth Day 7 - Charismatic You have a magnetic personality; and people are drawn to you. You also have a tendency not to share your friends with others, which you need to scorpio lucky dates to overcome. Birth Day 8 - Uncontrollable You are very strong willed, and difficult to control.

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People find it very difficult to understand you, and they tend to dislike you scorpio lucky dates it. Others recognize your need for freedom of action. Birth Day 9 - Psychic Gift You have an intuitive knowledge of psychic nature that you may not admit to, but it is there. Call it reincarnation, gut feelings, or attuned to the universe, you know how to fit the pieces of a problem together without even thinking about it.]

scorpio lucky dates Scorpio lucky dates

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