zodiac signs birth dates

zodiac signs birth dates

Zodiac signs birth dates

zodiac signs birth dates

Determining zodiac sign is the first step towards drawing significant conclusion about individuals. If you don't know your zodiac sign, let's scroll down and pick one.

About What is my Zodiac Sign?

What is my zodiac sign? Photo: Knowinsiders. What are signs of zodiac? The zodiac got its start thousands of years ago with Babylonian astronomers.

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Each of them is tied to the corresponding constellation. The image of Aries is a ram. The sign is ruled by Mars, the god of war. However, the origins go back even further, to ancient Egyptian astronomy.

How To Find Out What Is My Zodiac Sign By Date Of Birth?

Taurus is ruled by Venus, associated with the goddess Aphrodite. The image of the sign is a bull. The Greek zodiac signs birth dates Zeus changed the shape of his body to a large, light bull to abduct Europa, the Phoenician princess. The image of Gemini corresponds to the name of the sign. It is ruled by Mercury.

zodiac signs birth dates

The latter was the child of Zeus, and Castor was the son of a Spartan ruler. After Castor died, Pollux asked his father to revive him.

zodiac signs birth dates

As a result, Zeus united the brothers in heaven. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and has a corresponding image. The origins of the sign go back to the myths of the Greeks. Cancer is a bit Hercules in the zodiac signs birth dates, which is why he killed him. After that, Hera, at war with the demigod, is placed in the starry sky. Leo is under the protection of the Sun. According to Greek legend, Hercules defeated the Nemean lion, strangling him and rescuing the people captured by the beast.

Zeus decided to perpetuate this victory by placing a lion in heaven. Virgos are influenced by Mercury.

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According to legend, there was the goddess Astrea, the patroness of innocent and pure people. She left humanity, mired in anger, and ascended into heaven.

zodiac signs birth dates

Libra is patronized by Venus. The Romans considered the scales as a sign of justice. They are held by Astrea, mentioned above.

zodiac signs birth dates

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto.]

Zodiac signs birth dates zodiac signs birth dates.



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Zodiac signs birth dates



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Zodiac signs birth dates



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Zodiac signs birth dates



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