Selected Articles

The Use of Putative Dialysis Initiation Time in Comparative Outcomes of Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease: Methodological Aspects

Danh V. Nguyen, Esra Kurum, Damla Senturk

Multiple Imputation of Missing Race and Ethnicity in CDC COVID-19 Case-Level Surveillance Data

Guangyu Zhang, Charles E. Rose, Yujia Zhang, Rui Li, Florence C. Lee, Greta Massetti, Laura E. Adams

Treatment Patterns of Tocilizumab Utilization for Progressive Respiratory Distress during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kimberly R. Barber, Kristen Hartnett, Jennifer R. Hella, Roya Z. Caloia, Virginia LaBond

On the Probabilities of Environmental Extremes

Benjamin Kedem, Ryan M. Stauffer, Xuze Zhang, Saumyadipta Pyne

Fixed Effects High-Dimensional Profiling Models in Low Information Context

Jason P. Estes, Damla Sentürk, Esra Kürüm, Connie M. Rhee, Danh V. Nguyen

Bayesian Model Averaging for Selection of a Risk Prediction Model for Death within Thirty Days of Discharge: The SILVER-AMI Study

Terrence E. Murphy, Sui W. Tsang, Linda S. Leo-Summers, Mary Geda, Dae H. Kim, Esther Oh, Heather G. Allore, John Dodson, Alexandra M. Hajduk, Thomas M. Gill, Sarwat I. Chaudhry

Improvement in Heart Rate Variability Following Spinal Adjustment: A Case Study in Statistical Methodology for a Single Office Visit

John Hart

The Method of Randomization for Cluster-Randomized Trials: Challenges of Including Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions

Denise Esserman, Heather G. Allore, Thomas G. Travison

Use of Self-Matching to Control for Stable Patient Characteristics While Addressing Time-Varying Confounding on Treatment Effect: A Case Study of Older Intensive Care Patients

Ling Han, M. A. Pisani, K.L. B. Araujo, Heather G. Allore

The Validity of Disease-Specific Quality of Life Attributions Among Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions

John E. Ware Jr., Barbara Gandek, Jeroan Allison

An Empirical Method of Detecting Time-Dependent Confounding: An Observational Study of Next Day Delirium in a Medical ICU

E. Murphy, P.H. Van Ness, K.L.B. Araujo, M.A. Pisani

Individualized Absolute Risk Calculations for Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions: Embracing Heterogeneity, Causality, and Competing Events

Heather Allore, Gail McAvay, Carlos A. Vaz Fragoso, Terrence E. Murphy

Combining Survival and Toxicity Effect Sizes from Clinical Trials: NCCTG 89-20-52 (Alliance)

Brittny T. Major-Elechi, Paul J. Novotny, Jasvinder A. Singh, James A. Bonner, Amylou C. Dueck, Daniel J. Sargent, Axel Grothey, Jeff A. Sloan

A Simulation Based Evaluation of Sample Size Methods for Biomarker Studies

Mei-Yin C. Polley, Kristen M. Cunanan

A Pointwise Approach to Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Aggregated Data

Alessio Crippa, Ilias Thomas, Nicola Orsini

Exploring the Performance of Methods to Deal Multicollinearity: Simulation and Real Data in Radiation Epidemiology Area

Mickaël Dubocq, Nadia Haddy, Boris Schwartz, Carole Rubino, Florent Dayet, Florent de Vathaire, Ibrahima Diallo, Rodrigue S. Allodji

The MAX Statistic is Less Powerful for Genome Wide Association Studies Under Most Alternative Hypotheses

Benjamin Shifflett, Rong Huang, Steven D. Edland

Quantile Regression for Area Disease Counts: Bayesian Estimation using Generalized Poisson Regression

Peter Congdon

Model Based Sparse Feature Extraction for Biomedical Signal Classification

Shengkun Xie, Sridhar Krishnan

Property of Melatonin of Acting as an Antihypertensive Agent to Antagonize Nocturnal High Blood Pressure: A Meta-Analysis

Renato De Vecchis, Andrea Paccone, Marco Di Maio