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Acknowledgement | International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

Lifescience Global would like to appreciate and thank all the reviewers and authors for their rigorous and conscientious efforts for the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research. Below is the list of people who contributed towards the success of the journal during 2015.

Authors Reviewers
Jacqueline M. Wheatcroft
Paola Magnano
Maximiliano E Korstanje  
Liying Cheng
Gloria K. Seruwagi
Rojhat B. Avsar
Ignaas Devisch
Sevda Aslan
Valerie A. Solomon
Winnie Mucherah
Iriqat Mohammed
Valerica Anghelache
Patrick Carroll
Bharati Sethi
Ishtiaq Hossain
Mohammed Arikat
Sandra Walklate
Dwight R. Lee
Raed Iriqat
Ahmed Matarneh
Adefolaju Olutoyin Oluremi
Victor T. King
Giuliana Dettori
Ana Vitoria Baptista
Yong Kang Cheah
Monica Pellerone
Ivan Pincheira
Lavinia Cheie
Bentea Cristina-Corina     
Giuseppe Santisi
Santo Di Nuovo
Abdulsalam Al-Hadabi
Maria Erling
Yasemin Devecioglu-Kaymakci
Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Hiari
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