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The below articles have been selected by the  Editor in Chief to be the top articles published in the journal. The topic, scientific quality and importance in the field where collectively considered while making this selection

Vol. 4, No. 4 Vol. 4, No. 3 Vol. 4, No. 2  Vol. 4, No. 1
Vol. 3, No. 4 Vol. 3, No. 3 Vol. 3, No. 2 Vol. 3, No. 1
   Vol. 2, No. 2 Vol. 2, No. 1  
Volume 4, Number 4Untitled-5
Open AccessAn Overview of Mechanical Tests for Polymeric Biomaterial Scaffolds Used in Tissue Engineering - Pages 168-178
Oscar Robles-Vazquez, Ignacio Orozco-Avila, Juan C. Sánchez-Díaz and Elena Hernandez

Assembly of Ordered Polystyrene Nanoparticles on Self-Assembled Monolayers - Pages 202-209
Ortal Lidor-Shalev, Hagit Aviv and Yitzhak Mastai

Volume 4, Number 3Untitled-5
Synthesis and Characterization of Electrically Conducting Polyaniline Doped with Glacial Acetic Acid (CH3COOH) at Room Temperature - Pages 134-138
Omar Melad
Volume 4, Number 2Untitled-5

5-Hydroxy-6-Methyluracil as a Polyvinyl Chloride Stabilizer - Pages 123-126
R.M. Akhmetkhanov, I.T. Gabitov, A.G. Mustafin, V.P. Zakharov and G.E. Zaikov

Carboxylated Magnetite Composite Polymer Nanoparticles with Mosaic Structure for Biomedical Application - Pages 127-133
Kesavarao Sykam and Shailaja Donempudi
Volume 4, Number 1Untitled-5

Effect of Cenosphere Fly Ash on the Thermal, Mechanical, and Morphological Properties of Rigid PVC Foam Composites - Pages 1-14
Parisa Khoshnoud and Nidal Abu-Zahra

A Simple and Efficient Approach to Cellulose/Silica Composite Aerogel with High Silica Utilization Efficiency - Pages 56-61
Chong Lin, Ang Li, Yang Cao and Lingbin Lu

Volume 3, Number 4Untitled-5
A Brief Overview on Ferrite (Fe3O4) Based Polymeric Nanocomposites: Recent Developments and Challenges - Pages 184-204
O.P. Bajpai, D.K. Setua and S. Chattopadhyay
Volume 3, Number 3Untitled-5
Characterization of Phosphate Glass Reinforced Gelatin Blend Bioactive Composite Films - Pages 149-156
Kamol Dey, Poonam Alamgir, Shahnaz Parvin, Gulshana Mohol, Wafa Tonny, Mubarak A. Khan and Ruhul A. Khan
Volume 3, Number 2Untitled-5
Mechanism of Micro-Crack Propagation in Semicrystalline Polymers - Pages 57-62
Theodor Stern

Modification of Nanocrystalline Cellulose for Bioactive Loaded Films - Pages 122-135
Paula Criado, Carole Fraschini, Stéphane Salmieri and Monique Lacroix

Delamination and Separation of Aluminum-Polyethylene-Paper Packing Material - Pages 136-141
Chongqing Wang, Qun Liu, Hui Wang, Chengcheng Luo, Fangfang Jia and Xiangrui Meng

Volume 3, Number 1Untitled-5
Study on Flexural Strength and Flexural Failure Modes of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Resin Composites - Pages10-15
Hongwei He and Kaixi Li

Structurally Functionalized Polyurethane Foam for Elimination of Lead Ions from Drinking Water - Pages 16-25
Nidal Abu-Zahra and Subhashini Gunashekar

Open AccessInnovative Rice Seed Coating (Oryza Sativa) with Polymer Nanofibres and Microparticles Using the Electrospinning Method - Pages 33-39
Letícia M.F. Castañeda, Cayane Genro, Isabel Roggia, Stefan S. Bender, Renar J. Bender and Cláudio N. Pereira

Volume 2, Number 2Untitled-5
Organomodified Silicone Elastomer (OMSE) for Next Generation Personal Care Products - Pages 85-96
Ashish Anant Vaidya, K. Balu, Mohan Vijaykumar Chavan, Nilmoni Ghosh and Amit Kumar
Volume 2, Number 1Untitled-5
Optimization of Process Parameters for Generation of Nanocellular Polymer Foams - Pages 48-56
Subhendu Bhattacharya, Rahul Gupta and Sati N. Bhattacharya
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