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The below articles have been selected by the  Editor in Chief to be the top articles published in the journal. The topic, scientific quality and importance in the field where collectively considered while making this selection

 Volume 4  Volume 3  Volume 2  
Volume 4Untitled-5
Hayek’s Hidden Critique of The General Theory - Pages 212-224
David Sanz and Juan Morillo

Capital Theory, Crises, and Business Cycles: The Triangular Debate between Hayek, Keynes, and Sraffa - Pages 186-191
Heinz D. Kurz

Volume 3Untitled-5
National Economics - Pages 48-83
James H. Hughes

An Empirical Study of Sectoral-Level Investments in New Zealand - Pages 140-155
W.A. Razzak

Money In Modern Macro Models: A Review of the Arguments - Pages 156-174
Franz Seitz and Markus A. Schmidt

Whose Governance? IMF Austerities in a Small Island State: The Case of Jamaica - Pages 190-199
Ann Marie Bissessar

Exchange Rate Flexibility and the Integration of the Securities Market in East Asia - Pages 293-309
Takuji Kinkyo and Shigeyuki Hamori

Volume 2Untitled-5
Mathematics & Science Education and Income: An Empirical Study in Japan - Pages 1-8

Junichi Hirata, Kazuo Nishimura, Junko Urasaka and Tadashi Yagi


On Poverty Traps and Equilibria in Growth Models - Pages 25-30
Olivier de La Grandville

Absence of an Optimal Capital Structure in the Famous Tradeoff Theory! - Pages 94-116
P.N. Brusov, T.V. Filatova and N.P. Orekhova

Capital Flows, Financial Asset Prices and Real Financial Market Exchange Rate: A Case Study for an Emerging Market, India - Pages 158-171
Saurabh Ghosh and Stefan Reitz

A Qualitatively New Effect in Corporative Finance: Abnormal Dependence of Cost of Equity of Company on Leverage - Pages 183-193
P.N. Brusov, T.V. Filatova and N.P. Orekhova

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